DRAFT February 2020 Meeting Minutes

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DRAFT Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Meeting

Date: February 22, 2019

Officers in Attendance: President Kim Crews, Vice President Cynthia Baur, Secretary Ted Hull, Treasurer Andrea Kenner

Also, in attendance:

  • Prince George’s County Council District 2 Member Deni Tavares
  • Prince George’s County Council District 2 Constituent Services, Community Outreach Liaison Renee White
  • Prince George’s County Police District 1 COPS Liaison Officer Cpl Terrence Brown
  • Prince George’s County Civic Federation President Joe Brice
  • M-NCPPC Project Manager Karen Mierow
  • Maryland Sierra Club, Prince George’s Group, Political Committee Chair Nick Orrick

Members in Attendance: Approximately 15

  1. President’s Welcome – The meeting was called to order at 11:04 a.m. with President Crews presiding. The President welcomed members, guests and the new CSTCA Board. She thanked members Jon Robinson and Carol Hurwitch for their support in generating and distributing the newsletters and for attending and reporting on meetings.  She informed attendees that the Board will no longer supply bottled water and will seek ways to limit paper consumption. President Crews asked that members write down concerns on the spreadsheet so the CSCTA could follow-up on them later with the appropriate officials.  VP Baur asked everyone to sign in and provide current contact information.
  2. Treasury report – Ms. Kenner reported a balance of $1,266.78. The Board is not accepting dues at this time while it determines how best to manage the CSTCA Treasury.
  • Reading of the December Minutes: Hull reviewed the December minutes and they were approved with minor revision to add Ms White’s title.
  1. COPs Report – Cpl Brown


Cpl Brown reported on the following issues:

  • No crime reported in the Cool Spring Terrace neighborhood.
  • He has been working with Ms. Crews on citing commercial vehicles and staying on the parking issue. President Crews also reported that she has observed the Revenue Authority in the neighborhood. VP Baur suggested investigating parking permits for the neighborhood.

Attendees reported on the following issues:

  • Possible commercial truck with South Carolina plates parked on 26th Avenue near Cool Spring Rd. Cpl Brown will investigate.
  • Speeding on Adelphi Road.
  • Parking along the median in the 8300 block of Adelphi Road.
  1. Tick Toc Liquor Petition – Ms. White reported on the hearing to prevent the transfer of a liquor license from Gee’s Liquor in Cheverly to Tick Tock. The result would be reopening of the Tick Tock, potentially increasing crime in the area.  In a later discussion, Council Member Taveras reported that Tick Tock had accounted for 20 percent of the crime in her District.  Taveras cited those intent on reopening Tick Tock as “parasites in our community” and she has garnered wide support from the community and from Prince George’s leadership to prevent it reopening.  However, a presence at the hearing is critical to continued success.  Ms. Taveras also suggested staying vigilant on the Golden Bull, as it could also face reopening.


The Tick Tock hearing is scheduled for 10 AM, Tues Feb 25 at the Prince George’s County offices, 9200 Basil Ct, rm 410, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774.  A bus is scheduled to pick up attendees at Rollingcrest Community Center and Langley Park Community Center between 8:45-9 AM. Ms. White asked that all present sign the petition and it will be submitted on Mon Feb 24.


Attendees asked for updates from Ms. White on the following issues:

  • Building behind Tick Tock: Ms White reported that the issue with that building intended to house a laundromat lies with DPIE. Apparently someone at DPIE issued a construction permit without following proper county review and approval procedures.  Taveras’ office is continuing to pursue the issue and has filed a complaint with DPIE.
    • VP Baur will draft a letter from the CSTCA to County Executive Angela Alsobrooks opposing the construction of the building behind Tick Tock and requesting an update on how the construction permit was issued without following proper procedures.
  • White is still following up with Hyattsville about the confusing private no parking signs / areas in downtown Hyattsville. See article Confusing signs cause towing woes in Arts District
  1. Northern Gateway Project – Ms. Mierow reported on two M-NCPPC-sponsored projects underway in the Northern Gateway-International Corridor. In January, two meetings occurred, January 21 and 30, which included CSTCA representatives. One meeting concerned sidewalk and streetscape “spaces” improvements along University Boulevard, in conjunction with Purple Line construction.  The second is a wayfinding project and development of a mobile app to improve knowledge of the area and directions to resources.  Kenner asked if there was a way M-NCPPC could consider improvements along Cool Spring Road as a part of the Purple Line project.
  • See the project websites https://www.mncppc.org/4786/Northern-Gateway-CDC-SPACEs and https://www.mncppc.org/4773/Northern-Gateway-Wayfinding-Systems-and-
    • Panda Mattawoman Power Plant Opposition – Mr. Orrick reported on the potential development of the Panda Mattawoman Power Plant in Brandywine, Southern Prince George’s County. He represents the Sierra Club who is opposing the fracked gas-fired power plant on the grounds that there are already three plans within a 13 mile radius and that the environment, particularly children, will be adversely impacted by the pollution.  He understands that the developer is asking to build community projects in lieu of taxes and asks that CSTCA contact Council Member Taveras to voice our opposition to the project and tax breaks.
  • See the Panda Mattawoman Power Project site http://www.pandafunds.com/invest/mattawoman/ and an article on opposition https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/md-politics/proposed-maryland-power-plant-violates-civil-rights-rural-pr-georges-residents-say/2016/05/12/415e1340-186c-11e6-9e16-2e5a123aac62_story.html
  • Report from Deni Taveras – In addition to filling in some of the details on the Tick Tock hearing and its importance to the community and follow-up on the building behind Tick Tock, Council Member Taveras reported on the following:
  • Census 2020 – Ms. Taveras’ office is working on a major campaign with 40 events to increase participation by underrepresented communities in the upcoming Census. Prince George’s County lost $363 million in Federal funding due to the undercount in Census 2010.  For those interested in participating the outreach campaign, please contact her office by Feb 26 at 301-952-4436.  A training session is scheduled for 10-11:30 AM at the Langley Park Community Center.
  • Northern Gateway CDC – Ms. Taveras provided some additional background on the Northern Gateway CDC and reported that new area welcome signage is under development for the Adelphi and Four Corners intersections. This includes the planned sign and bus stop at the WaWa at Adelphi and Edwards Way.  She takes credit for reinvigorating the CDC also believes the CDC can also serve as a catalyst to preserve affordable housing. See the website at https://www.northerngatewaycdc.org/
  • Liquor Laws – Ms. Taveras also reported on some state-level initiatives to make changes to liquor laws, including Sunday sales, sales from supermarkets, and multiple licenses.
  • Trail Lighting – Ms. Taveras reported on a Northern Gateway CDC project to improve the trail lighting between 20th and Lebanon and the Northwest Branch Trail.


  1. Term-Limits Proposal – Mr. Brice is seeking support on a petition to reinstitute term limits for County Council members. Currently County Council members can serve two terms at the District level, followed by two consecutive terms as an At-Large member.  This term limits movement grew out of the recent controversy about redefining the Westphalia Town Center from commercial to warehouse, without seeking community input (see https://www.washingtoninformer.com/residents-steel-for-legal-battle-over-logistics-center/).  The petition is to require some break in service between serving two consecutive period of two terms.


  1. Closing Remarks – President Crews closed the meeting by encouraging groups to gather and discuss the three principal issues of concern to the CSTCA: Parking, Speeding, and Littering. VP Baur added that these concerns need to have some approach adopted now to address them with approaching Purple Line opening and no expectation that they will improve without some action.  Council Member Taveras added that Council Member Danielle Glaros has requested funds to conduct a study around the West Campus Purple Line Station and the CSTCA should reach out to her for information about that study.


  1. Motion to Adjourn The meeting adjourned at 1:07 p.m.


Next community event will be a cleanup scheduled for Sat April 25, 2020.  President Crews reported that she is hoping to work with Council Member Taveras’ office to acquire a community dumpster and shredder.  Jon Robinson volunteered to assist with organizing the cleanup.

DRAFT CSTCA Meeting Minutes Feb 20