CSTCA Meeting Agenda, June 25, 2022


The Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association is having a virtual meeting on June 25 at 11:00 Am via Zoom. Please see your email or contact the CSTCA Vice President at cbaurcivic@gmail.com for Zoom information.

  • Minutes from previous Meeting
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Representative from Department of Environment to Discuss Bulky Trash (invited)
  • Cool Spring Election Plans-December 2022
  • Options for Future CTSCA Meetings –In person or virtual
  • Report from the 21st District Delegation
  • New Business

DRAFT Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Meeting Minutes, February 2022


Date: February 26, 2022, 11 AM- Noon

Officers in Attendance: President Kim Crews, Vice President Cynthia Baur, Treasurer Andrea Kenner, Secretary Ted Hull

Members in Attendance: Dennis Chesters, Carol Hurwitch, Jon Robinson, Johnette Anderson

Vice President Baur called the meeting to order at 11:09. She thanked everyone for their work to keep the community clean and safe.

  1. Review and approval of minutes from the December 2021 Meeting.  Hull reviewed the December minutes. Member Hurwitch introduced an amendment to clarify the number of individuals testifying about redistricting and that many were unable to testify at the hearing. Vice President Baur introduced the motion to approve the minutes as amended. Motion seconded and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s report – Treasurer Kenner reported the current account balance is $1,318.71.   Vice President Baur introduced the motion to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted. Motion seconded and approved.
  3. Trash – President Crews discussed the new bulky trash removal process. Members shared their experiences with the new process.  Food scraps and composting – deadline to request collection equipment was Feb 20, see https://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/2856/Curbside-Organics-Collection-Composting
  4. Redistricting Lawsuit – Member Robinson reviewed the status of the lawsuit to overturn the adopted redistricting maps (Davis map) for Prince George’s County.  The initial ruling to overturn the maps was appealed and sent to the Maryland Court of Appeals.  Decision is expected on Fri March 4.  The hearing will be held as a ZOOM meeting.
  5. M-NCPPC Change, Bill PG 406 – President Crews discussed a proposal to change the management of the M-NCPPC recreation facilities from M-NCPPC to Prince George’s County.  Attention to this item came from a newsletter from Councilman Tom Dernoga; Member Hurwitch discussed a video she saw about youth sports activity.
    1. Motion: Vice President Baur introduced a motion for the CSTCA to notify the 21st District Delegation to oppose Maryland House Bill 1057 at the House Environment and Transportation Hearing scheduled for March 8. Motion seconded and approved as read by acclamation.
  6. Petition to Restore Term Limits – President Crews discussed the efforts to petition to restore term limits on Prince George’s County Council Members.  Petition will restore limit on two consecutive terms, twice.  Member Hurwitch will distribute petition forms.
  7. Vote by Mail Registration – Discussion among the members about the vote by mail process and requesting mail in ballots.
  8. Would You Like to be a Prince George’s County Election Judge?
    1. The Prince George’s County Board of Elections are looking for Election Judges who can operate the polling places and play a very important role in the electoral process. The Judge acts as a liaison between the Election Office and the general public during voting hours and is responsible for administering the actual voting procedures in each precinct. Without this individual, it would be impossible to conduct an election.
    2. The ideal Election Judge should be able to endure long hours on Election Day, and deal courteously and patiently with the public and co-workers. Additionally, Judges must ensure that qualified voters who are properly registered are able to cast their vote in a trouble-free environment. The Election Judge represents the Board of Elections process during the election. Therefore, the Election Judge must be reliable, courteous, able to follow procedures, and above all, possess good judgment.
    3. The qualifications consist of:
      1. Must be a registered voter
      2. Must be a U.S. Citizen
      3. Must be a Maryland Resident
      4. Must be at least 18 years old before the Election
      5. For more information or to apply click here!
  9. Other Old Business 
    1. None.
  10. Open for Public Comment
    1. None

Adjournment at 12:05 pm  

Next meeting is scheduled for April 23, 2022.

UPDATE: The Primary Elections are now July 19th.    Voting is Right Around the Corner!


You Have 2 Ways to Vote– and Your Vote Really Counts.
       1) Remotely: Request a “Mail-In” Ballot to vote via USPS Mail or official Maryland Drop Box
       2) Or, you can Vote In-Person

  • Why Vote in the Primary? In Prince George’s County your County Council representative in District 2 will be effectively decided by your vote in the Primary Election, as there is little activity by opposition parties in the General Election. So July 19th is it for your County Council!

  • So Be a Super-Voter! Your vote really makes a difference in Primaries because fewer residents vote in non-Presidential election years (mid-terms). In tight races, showing up with your vote can be very definitive.  Be Our Democracy in Action.

  • If you do not wish to vote in-person, you Must Request a ‘Mail-In’ Ballot from the Maryland Board Of Elections (MBOE) To Vote by Mail or at an official Maryland Drop Box.  If you are already registered to vote, you may have already received a letter from the MBOE with the request form to mail back, or instructions on how to so on-line. Get on Permanent “Mail-In” Ballot List also this way. Ballots are usually mailed to you 30 days before the election.

  • So Make Your Plan to Vote:
    • Register, and/or check your current registration at Maryland Board of Elections
      WhenWeAllVote.org or Vote.org or Vote411.org.]

    • Become Informed about the candidates, the issues, what they stand for and how they are funded.  In Prince George’s County you can vote for a total 3 county council seats: Your District (D-2), and the 2 At-Large seats.

    • Decide how and when you will vote. Remote or In-person and on what date. You can vote early at any early voting center in the county you live in.

    •      For the Primary Election
          -Election Day:  Tuesday , July  19, 2022 : 7 am – 8 pm
          -Early Voting (8 days) From Thursday,  July 7   – To Thursday,  July 14, 2022: 7 am – 8 pm

    •      For the General Election
           -Election Day:  Tuesday , November 8, 2022: 7 am – 8 pm
          -Early Voting (8 days) From Thursday, October 27–Thursday, November 3, 2022: 7 am – 8 pm

Consider being an election judge.
The state and county has called out for election administration assistance to replenish their ranks of election judges.
 Any U.S. citizen over 18 years old can help smooth the way for their fellow citizens,’ as they cast their ballots at polling places during Early Voting and on Election Day. Due to the pandemic, many older poll workers have stepped aside. Additionally with Primary election date delays, there are many more vacancies than usual this election cycle.

CSTCA Motion on the Redistricting Proposal for Prince George’s County


At the October 23, 2021, CSCTA General Membership meeting, the Association moved to oppose the County Council’s amendment to Resolution CR-123-2021 and the boundaries depicted on the “Davis Map”and instead  adopt the original map recommended by the Redistricting Commission. The CSTCA bases our objection on 

  • The process used to introduce and adopt the Davis map which lacked transparency and 
  • The citizenry has not received sufficient information from our Council representatives about why they voted on the amended map.

The CSTCA Board will submit a letter to the County Council voicing our objection to the Davis Map and the process in advance of the public hearing scheduled for November 16.  The Redistricting Commission map is the only map that has followed best practices of having scrutiny and input by the County’s residents and having minimal changes in the boundaries. 

To learn more, here is recent news coverage of this issue.

Article from the DiamondBack

·  Article from Maryland Matters on redistricting news.

·  Article from the Washington Post on redistricting in Prince George’s County

On November 16, the Council will hold a public hearing on the Amended Davis Map, CR-123-2021.  You can sign up to comment here and at least a day before the hearing. We encourage you to contact Councilwoman Deni Taveras and the two at-large councilpersons Mel Franklin and Calvin Hawkins to voice your opinion. 

Mel Franklin Council Member (At-Large)                                 



Phone: (301) 952-2638

Calvin S. Hawkins, II Chair, Council Member (At-Large)     


Phone: (301) 952- 2195

Deni Taveras Vice-Chair, Council Member (District 2)        



Phone: (301) 952-4436

Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association meeting, October 23, 2021

Please join us for the next Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association (CSTCA) General Membership meeting. It is scheduled for Saturday October 23, 2021, 11 AM-Noon via ZOOM. We will have a number of updates on County initiatives and expect a visit from our local Prince George’s County police patrol officer. For the ZOOM meeting link and sign on information, see your email or contact VP Cynthia Baur — cbaurcivic@gmail.com


Treasurer’s Report

Minutes from June Meeting

Discussion of Redistricting Proposal for Prince George’s County

COVID Updates

Report from Officer Brown

Review of the State of the District Meeting

Other topics

Cherokee Lane Elementary School (CLES) delivery virtual meeting, Aug 18, 2021

On  Wednesday, August 18th from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM  Prince George’s County Public Schools will be hosting a virtual community town hall about the logistics of delivering the New Cherokee Lane Elementary School (CLES Modular Delivery Town Hall). Some of the topics for discussion include the schedule, traffic flow, street closures, and community impacts. This will be a great opportunity to share your input and ask questions. To register, click  here

Covid-19 Vaccine Resources

Dear Neighbor, 

Are you, someone in your family, or someone you know thinking about getting a Covid-19 vaccine? It’s a very good idea!  If everyone gets the vaccine, our neighborhood is safer. Your family is less likely to suffer from the long-term consequences of COVID or experience unnecessary and premature deaths. 

If you are unvaccinated: wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing are all good as well — definitely keep doing that.  And — the very best way to protect from this disease is to get vaccinated.  And now, people 12 years and older are eligible for the very effective, widely available, and FREE Covid-19 vaccines.

Maybe you were taking a bit of time to decide, or it wasn’t convenient to your schedule, and now you are ready to go! 

Check out this calendar to find a nearby mobile vaccine unit coming close to our neighborhood soon


Or find another place convenient to you with this vaccine site locator:


Do you need a ride to get your shot? 

Please see the link below for a ride to a vaccine site with Uber or Lyft (maybe free if you qualify) —- or contact neighbor Carol Hurwitch 240-461-9238 for help.



Or maybe you still have questions about the vaccines….

Talk to your doctor or health care providerthey are very knowledgeable about this disease. They will give you the facts based on science and help you make a healthy decision that’s best for you, your family and your community. There is a lot of misinformation out on social media. Talk with people you trust.

The Prince George’s County Health Department has a lot of useful information:


Why do indeed to get the vaccine?



4 Things to Know about the Covid-19 Vaccine 



About the Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association. Your local community’s civic association is providing you with this information as a reminder because we care about you, our neighbor. We understand that it is not always easy for everyone to get a vaccine, for different reasons, and would like to help.

Let us help you, or someone you know, find your way to easily get a Covid-19 vaccine and help get rid of this pandemic once and for all.

If you have other questions, please contact

Carol Hurwitch 



Of your neighborhood Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association 

Thank you for FESTIVIZING the Neighborhood!

We have three winners! You still have time to walk the neighborhood and see the festive displays in the neighborhood. Thanks to Carol Hurwitch and Jon Robinson for supplying the images and Eric Euell for joining us on the walk. We enjoyed walking the neighborhood and viewing the delightful displays on this cold winter evening. We hope you will enter the contest next year and appreciate the new annual event with your neighbors. The Winners




Honorable Mention: Brenda Trinidad and Elias Hernandez and Family



This winner on Curry Drive features a walkway lit by regal lampposts. Large majestic structures including raised lampposts at intervals on the low fence and huge wreaths on the upper story truly festivize this home. Each regal element lifts the viewer into the spirit of the holidays as they scan across the lawn and along house-front. Walk down the sidewalk in front and you’ll feel cheered as if in a processional. From any angle, it’s both welcoming and stunning.


A real curbside holiday treasure hunt on Rambler! Taking full advantage of a corner lot, a neighbor is likely to walk from front to side to notice the many wonderful surprises! There is clearly much thoughtfulness in placement of so many details. The surprises include everything from blue and gold little glittering lights on bushes, huge round ornaments on a tiny tree, a big bowed lamppost that is sentry to a candy cane lined driveway running into the glowing red carport — to delicate moving lights projected across the side and bright snowflakes cheerfully dangling from the upper deck. This winner is unified by all windows on both sides with a flickering candle and every door a welcome wreath. Check out the photos, but visit in person.

Walk around again and again to be sure you don’t miss a glowing treasure.


Ho, Ho, Ho! What’s atop the roof? And where’s Santa? Maybe he’s inside this serene and cozy home on Rambler Drive. This winner is wrapped in a tasteful display of elegantly strung and projected lights. The three trees on curb strip are not forgotten–they are festively graced with golden lights too. It’s magical from many angles, yet all eyes go right back to the roof….neighbors are thinking ‘Yes! I remember now clearly how this story goes!’

Thanks to the other entries and other neighbors with decorated homes.

Rotating Santa heads and wreaths. Candy canes that change colors. Festive and fun!

Stick around to see what happens next.

Kim Crews, President, Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association

Unacceptable Recycling Items

If your Recycled Items were not picked up here your items were placed in plastic bags or your container included unacceptable items.

Unacceptable Items

Items Not Accepted

  • Auto parts
  • Broken glass
  • Dishes
  • Electronics
  • Gloves, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hazardous materials
  • Light bulbs
  • Medical waste
  • Mirrors
  • Motor oil containers
  • Packing foam and peanuts
  • Plastic bags (#4): Effective July 1, 2015, plastic bags of any color, size or shape, and plastic film are no longer accepted in the Prince George’s County Residential Curbside Single-Stream Recycling Program
  • Plastic utensils
  • Polystyrene/Styrofoam (#6 plastic)
  • Windowpanes