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Not much to report this week.  A reminder of our upcoming June Membership Meeting.  Minutes from our April membership meeting, and a Purple Line Update.

 JUNE CSTCA MEETING NOTICE: SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 2019 from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm, 8300 Adelphi Road, Christ Scientist Church  (flyer attached)

CSTCA April Meeting Minutes: 


  • Long-term lane closures along University Blvd.
  • New: Beginning on or about June 17, 2019, crews will be closing the left-most lanes long term on University Boulevard between New Hampshire Avenue and Guilford road for utility relocations.
  • Traffic shift on University Boulevard: Crews have shifted traffic on University Boulevard East, NW Branch Bridge, for Phase I of construction. Two lanes will be maintained, in each direction, during construction. Work will take place weekdays from 7 AM – 5 PM, and on weekends from 11:30 PM – 5:30 AM. The shift can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/2Gl2kgn
  • Utility relocations along University Boulevard:  May 28, 2019 and continuing through June, crews will be relocating utilities along University Boulevard between Riggs Road and Adelphi Road. Work will take place during two shifts from 7 AM – 5 PM and 5 PM – 7 AM on weekdays and weekends. Temporary lane closures will occur. 

 Have a good evening and better weekend!

Weekly Update (April 29, 2019)

Getting this out early as some may want to attend the District. 1 Town Hall meeting at Buck Lodge Middle School tomorrow (April 30th).  I will try to attend myself, but my plans are still tentative.  If anyone does attend, please let me know.

Tom Dernoga’s District 1 Town Hall Meeting:         Tuesday, April 30th at Buck Lodge Middle School, 7:00 – 8:30 pm.  Share concerns, suggestions and questions about county issues important to you.  I am not sure what is on the agenda, but will guess the new school construction on Cherokee Lane will be a topic.

Purple Line: Lane closures and weekend work on University Boulevard:  Beginning on or about May 15, 2019 crews will be shifting traffic on University Blvd East, NW Branch Bridge, for Phase I of construction. Two lanes will be maintained, in each direction, during construction. Work will take place weekdays from 7 AM – 5 PM, and on weekends from 11:30 PM – 5:30 AM. The shift can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/2KB8yhk

*Purple Line Housing Action Plan Survey*:  Your input sought: Purple Line housing action plan by PLCCVERY IMPORTANT AND I URGE ALL CSTCA RESIDENTS TO TAKE THE SURVEY.

The Purple Line Corridor Coalition is seeking YOUR INPUT before they create their 2- to 3-year action plan for housing along the corridor. Please complete this survey by May 3, available in English www.surveymonkey.com/r/RX8MHBK or Spanish www.surveymonkey.com/r/GTNBVBJ.

Last Day of School is June 14:  The last day of school for students will be Friday, June 14, a two-hour early dismissal. This school year, PGCPS closed two days for inclement weather (January 14 and February 20) and used 11 early dismissal/delayed opening days. Click here for More information.

5 Ways to Plan Ahead for Summer and Next School Year:   Spring Break has come and gone and this school year is in its final stretch! Now is the time to plan ahead for the summer months and next school year! Here are five resources to help your family get ready.

  1. Request a student transfer by the May 14 deadline.
  2. Register for PreK or Kindergarten.
  3. Explore Department of Parks and Recreation summer camps.
  4. View 2019 PGCPS Summer Programs
  5. Discoverthe resources of Prince George’s County Memorial Library System with your child’s PGCPS student ID!

April 15 CSTCA Weekly Update

Good Day All!

Apologies for the lateness of this week’s update.  I had to do another civic duty yesterday (Jury Duty) and attended the meeting with CEX Alsobrooks Monday night, in addition to other things; it’s been a fairly busy week.  Below (and attached) are some interest events and updates for your reading pleasure.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful and happy Easter!

CSTCA General Membership Meeting:  Saturday, April 27th 11:00 – 1:00, 8300 Adelphi Rd.  Representative from the Department of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement [DPIE], Department of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T), CEX District 2 (liaison to CEX Alsobrooks office).

Purple Line Update: Lane closures and weekend work on University Boulevard.  New: Beginning on or about May 15, 2019 crews will be shifting traffic on University Blvd East, NW Branch Bridge, for Phase I of construction. Two lanes will be maintained, in each direction, during construction. Work will take place weekdays from 7 AM – 5 PM, and on weekends from 11:30 PM – 5:30 AM. The shift can be viewed here: https://bit.ly/2KB8yhk

Trowel Trades Training:  Pre-apprenticeship workshop.  Must attend Information Session on April 30th to be eligible for Class Training.  Contact Khaldoon Abdulrazaq (email: khaldoon.abdulrazaq@Rescue.org or 202/705-9551) See attached flyer for additional information.

NKA Community Health Fair:  Please see attached flyer for details.

Crossroads Farmers Market:  April 17th through November 27th.  Anne Street @ University Blvd., Takoma Park, MD. (See attached for additional details).  See also the SNAP Program flyer attached.  This too will be at the Crossroads Farmers Market from April 17 – Nov. 27.  See attached flyer for additional details.

PGC Schools – Spring Break:  Remember our PG County public school students are out on Spring Break.  Be careful and mindful of kids in the area.

MGCC:  Below is a summary I received on March 27th regarding the Golf Course discussions held at the meeting convened on 3/26 by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

  • The potential placement of a track and field complex on a portion of the Golf Course was discussed, specifically on the current Holes 5 and 6.
  • The goal appears to be to retain an 18 hole Golf Course and the assumption I have is that only Holes 5 and 6 would be redesigned.
  • There was no discussion of surface parking or intramural and recreation fields on the Golf Course.
  • The Acredale/Paint Branch area was brought up during the discussion and, as he said on July 24 at the first public forum announcing the University’s repurposing proposal, Carlo Colella said he will look into that.
  • Carlo Colella plans to present some form of repurposing proposal at the next Facilities Council meeting, currently scheduled for April 26th.

Consideration of some form of repurposing for a portion of the Golf Course is ongoing within the University administration. Updates will continue to be provided.




April 27, 2019



                                                                       11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

                                                                       CHRIST SCIENCE CHRISTIAN CHURCH

                                                                       8300 ADELPHI ROAD


Representatives from DPIE and DPWT will be in attendance.


NOTES:  Membership Dues: Annual dues for 2019 ($10) are still being collected. If you have not paid your 2019 dues and would like to, please contact Treasurer Anika Halota.

Want bulk trash items picked up? Items such as washing machines, dryers, furniture, hot water heaters, and other large items are collected by appointment only. Contact Bulky Trash at (301) 952-7600, Mon. – Fri. between 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. to schedule a pickup. It can also be done via email: BulkyTrash@co.pg.md.us or the CountyClick 311 website (http://countyclick.princegeorgescountymd.gov/). Give the following info: Name, address, phone number, and a list of items for collection. CountyClick 311 should also be used to report residential code violations and parking violations. IF YOU SEE BULK ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN COLLECTED, PLEASE REPORT IT. LET’S KEEP OUR COMMUNITY CLEAN.

 HELP NEEDED:   Position of Secretary of the Association: Needed for remainder of the year. This position will assist the President in taking notes at our General Membership meeting and type them for emailing to the Treasurer/Webmaster for uploading onto our association Website.


March 13, 2018 Environmental Crimes Unit – Community Walk-Thru

An update on the Environmental Crimes Unit walk-through that took place in our community this morning.

      Several representatives from DPIE, DPWT, County Council, ECU, County Exec. Community Liaison, and representatives from neighboring civic associations. We visited the area on Cool Spring Road that is most  prone to dumping.  I spoke on the constant problem we have with people dumping household items, tires, electronic items, and trash.  Photos were taken of the area and a discussion followed about next steps.

      First, let me say this process will not be a quick turnaround solution to the problem.  They will – after visiting all other designated areas in our District – compile a report summarizing their evaluation of these areas.  They will then meet together with other county agencies (police, fire department, etc.) and determine what areas are most problematic and address best solutions for monitoring those areas.  A lot of the discussion focused on installing cameras.  This is where they will rely on the police department obtaining their valuable input about survellience issues/equipment best suited to those areas designated to receive such equipment.  We also spoke about the penalties for those caught dumping and how they need to be increased and better enforced.  For this they need the help of the community.  I implore you, that if you see someone dumping and do not feel comfortable taking a picture, please get the license number so that can be reported and traced back to the vehicle owner. 

      It was noted that the area I showed them was an area that would qualify for cameras, but again, this does not mean we will automatically receive them.  Additionally, I told them of other areas used for dumping in our community, although we did not have an opportunity to view those locations.  Primarily the area on Rambler that backs to the forest where tires, etc., have been dumped.  Thamks to Members Crews and Robinson, that area was cleaned last Spring during the Community Clean-Up/Green-Up project.  Also the area in front of the park where recently, someone dumped furniture.  Again, members of the CSTCA Walking Group used the 311 Mobile App to report it.  That pile of debris was removed this week.

      Lastly, you’ll note the continued work on the storm water drains.  This is also in preparation for work on the pipeline that is planned for Cool Spring Road.  If I heard correctly, there may even be curbs installed.  I’ll have to re-confirm that, hoping it wasn’t my wishful thinking getting the best of me.

      I will receive a copy of their report when complete which I will share with members.  Thanks to Councilwoman Deni Taveras and her staff for arranging the Environmental Crime Unit walk-through.

 Marguerite Mickens-Mosley                                                               President                                                                                                                                Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association (CSTCA)                                                      Working together to make it better


February 2019 Meeting Minutes

Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Meeting

Date: February 23, 2019

Officers in Attendance: President Marguerite Mickens-Mosley, Vice President Andie Hodge, Past President Ted Hull taking meeting minutes.

Also, in attendance: Council Member Deni Tavares, and COPS Liaison Officer Raymond Musse.

Members in Attendance: Approximately 21

  1. President’s Welcome – Marguerite Mickens-Mosley – The meeting was called to order at 11:07 a.m. with President Mickens-Mosley presiding.
  2. Reading of the December Minutes: President Mickens-Mosley reviewed the December minutes and they were approved without revision.
  3. Treasury report – No report. The Association is accepting dues for 2019. Checks (in the amount of $10) can be mailed to Treasurer, Anika Halota, 3305 Cool Spring Road. Please do not leave cash.
  4. COPs Report – Officer Raymond Musse

Officer Musse reported on the following issues:

  • Vehicle fire at Cool Spring Rd and 26th The fire was reported to the Fire Department, who determined that no suspicious activity was involved.
  • Bank robbery at the SunTrust in Adelphi Plaza. The suspect was apprehended by the bank security guard and remanded to police custody.
  • Commercial vehicles in the neighborhood seen multiple times have been cited for $500 fines.

Attendees reported on the following issues:

  • Eight police officers were reported seen at 2410 Cool Spring Rd. Officer Musse was not aware of an issue at that property.  Furniture and other items have been dumped under the powerlines adjacent to that property.
  • Expired tags on vehicles at Cool Spring Lane and Rosette Lane.
  • Reports of large commercial vehicles cutting through on Cool Spring Road. Cool Spring Road is posted with “No Thru Trucks” signs.
  • Jaguar on 26th Place and Adelphi Rd with expired tags. The vehicle has not moved in months.
  • Speeding on Adelphi Rd. Officer Musse said he would investigate posting the speed detection sign.
  • Illegal merges on northbound Riggs Rd at University Blvd. Officer Musse said he would investigate.
  • Illegal right hand turns from the left lane in front of stopped traffic at southbound Riggs Rd at Metzerott Rd. Officer Musse said he would investigate.
  • Parking in designated no parking areas particularly after 6 PM on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Abrupt stopping of vehicles in the travel lanes of Adelphi Road.
  • Cars with no tags parked in the Buck Lodge neighborhood.
  • Confusing private no parking signs / areas in downtown Hyattsville. See article Confusing signs cause towing woes in Arts District

5. New Business & Old Business

Old Business: President Mickens-Mosley reported on the status of the following items:

  • Letter sent to the owner, renters, and Department of Permitting, Inspections, and (DPIE) concerning the nuisance property on Curry Place (the “He Stole My Weed” house). President Mickens-Mosley has received no further complaints about the property.  Nor has the association received responses from the owners or residents to the letters sent.
  • The CSTCA provided a $200 donation to the Church of Christ Scientist for use of the meeting space.
  • The CSTCA provided a $50 donation for Chillum-Ray Citizens Association activist Dottie McNeill via the Go-Fund-Me page.

New Business

  • Meeting Flyers: President Mickens-Mosley apologized for the late delivery of the meeting flyers. She is in the process of obtaining quotes for signs to place at the entrances to the community, which should help improve meeting attendance.  Member Carol Hurwitch volunteered to photocopy and distribute the flyers to block captains two weeks in advance of the meetings.  President Mickens-Mosley will provide Ms. Hurwitch with the flyer text three weeks in advance of the scheduled meetings.
  • Clean Up, Green Up: President Mickens-Mosley announced the next County-wide Clean Up, Green Up (Growing Green with Pride) is scheduled for May 4, 2019. Anyone interested in organizing the cleanup should contact her.
  • Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) Earth Day Cleanup: President Mickens-Mosley announced the next AWS Earth Day Cleanup is scheduled for April 13, 2019. Anyone interested in organizing the cleanup should contact her.
  • Purple Line construction vehicles have been seen using Cool Spring Rd as a cut through to reach job sites. Councilwoman Taveras will follow up.
  • School Board Meeting: Councilwoman Taveras took the lead on reporting on the school board meeting held February 19, 2019, at Buck Lodge Middle School regarding school construction projects. Approximately 200-300 attended the meeting including President Mickens-Mosley and others from the Cool Spring neighborhood.

The meeting reviewed plans outlined in the Board Action Summary and related PowerPoint.

The Board Action Summary outlines the following plans for school construction the Adelphi Area.  The construction does not require acquisition of additional lands.

  1. Replacement and expansion of Cherokee Lane Elementary School to be co-located on the Buck Lodge Middle School campus.
  2. Replacement and expansion of Adelphi Elementary School in the Judy Hoyer Family Learning Center (JHFLC) building.
  3. Expansion and conversion of the existing Adelphi Elementary School into the New Adelphi Area Middle School.
  4. Demolition of the existing Cherokee Lane Elementary School and construction of the New Adelphi Area High School campus.

The PowerPoint includes data for the projected school population in the years through 2022-2023 and a timeline for the proposed construction projects.

Councilwoman Taveras also reported on an alternate plan discussed by Senator Rosapepe, which provides for targeting more local Adelphi-Langley Park students to attend Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and to double the school day to include nigh classes.  This alternate plan results in no additional schools.

  • Councilwoman Taveras discussed the March For Our Schools Rally – March 11, 2019. She is planning to provide a bus and food to encourage attendance by local residents.  She will provide details to President Mickens-Mosley.  She encouraged members to review the Kirwan Commission report on school funding.
  • Councilwoman Taveras discussed a project to rally families to support the school budget. She is seeking to have 150 people attend the rally in support of funding the proposed $2 million increase in funding for bilingual and trauma programs.  The rally is to take place in April, when funding is discussed.
  • Councilwoman Taveras’ assistant Lindsey Wright reported that Cool Spring Road has been listed with the Environmental Crimes Unit as a dumping Hot Spot. A site visit is planned for between 9 and 11 AM on March 13, 2019.  She will provide details to President Mickens-Mosley.
  • Councilwoman Taveras’ assistant Lindsey Wright reported that she submitted a 311 request to 311 for cleanup of the storm drains along Cool Spring Road.
  • Member Carol Hurwitch reported that the next University of Maryland Facilities Meeting is scheduled for March 7, 2019. Friends of the Golf Course will attend the meeting and report if any development plans are discussed.  She encouraged residents to write to President Loh and support saving the golf course.

6. Motion to Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at approximately 12:45 p.m.

Next meeting will be held on April 27, 2019.

CSTCA February Minutes 2019

CSTCA Weekly Update (March 4-8, 2019)

Hello all!

Several updates and information to report this week.  Some items below are follow-up action items from our February 23rd general membership meeting.  If after reading you have any questions, please reach out to me.

  • The Bus Service (petition to extend service routes):  Action Item from Feb. 23rd meeting —  On Wed., Feb. 27, I requested an update from Ms. Bonita Shelby, who spearheaded the petition efforts.  To date there has been no forward motion.  Ms. Shelby will update me again after she has contacted Councilwoman Taveras’ office and the county agency responsible for The Bus service.  Additionally, Ms. Shelby informed me that the R1 service will be discontinued or changed.  Survey notices were posted on the bus stops and also included other WMATA routes in the Northern area.  Ms. Shelby stated “Certainly, this is a time for service to be consistently provided to this Northern part of Prince George’s County”, and I agree.


  • The Purple LineSaturday Work Along University Boulevard. Crews will be demolishing, grading, and paving medians along University Boulevard between Riggs Road and Adelphi Road between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturdays in March. Temporary lane closures with flagging operations will occur. Access to businesses and residential driveways will be maintained. On or about March 2nd the traffic pattern will be shifting back to its normal pattern.  Have you all noticed the number of trees that have been cut down along University Boulevard near the archery range?


  • Clean-up/Green-up:  Some changes have been made regarding the County-wide clean up event known as Clean Up, Green Up.’  This event has been renamed to ‘Growing Green with Pride.’ Secondly, the event date has also changed and will now be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019.  It was changed from Saturday, April 20, 2019 because that is Easter weekend. The registration form should be available soon, and will contain more detailed information.  I truly hope with the change in date and it being warmer weather we will have many participating.  STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS FOR PARTICIPATING.  As a reminder, these “mandatory” community service hours are required in order to graduate.


  • March For Our Schools Rally : On March 11th, thousands of Maryland educators, parents, and students will rally in Annapolis to demand equitable and adequate funding for all schools and students. The March for Our Schools is our chance to raise our voices in support of adequate and equitable funding, required student support services, competitive salary and compensation, and universal pre-kindergarten. In two weeks, we hope to see you in front of the State House in Annapolis at 6 p.m. Let’s speak up, speak out and march on!  Buses will be provided.  For more details and to RSVP, follow this link.  https://marchforourschools.com/


2018-2019 School Calendar Update:  Board of Education voted to allow for Early Dismissal on March 11th to allow students and educators to participate in the March For Our School Rally. If you have not signed up to participate in this Rally, you may do so

Inclement Weather Days Update:  This year, the school system closed two days (January 14 and February 20) for inclement weather and lost 20 hrs. of instructional time due to delayed openings and early closings. The school system’s inclement weather make up days will be used and/or the last day of school will changed to a full day to meet state mandates.  If no other inclement weather closures, June 14 will be the tentative last day for students and June 20 for teachers. Official last days for students and teachers will be announced once the threat of wintry weather is over.


  • Cool Spring Road Storm drain 311 Service Request – Follow-up:  Several service requests submitted for the area on CSR prone to flooding and containing metal plates that has covered a hole for nearly a year now.  Follow up was made with DPWT.  The update I received stated…  the site was inspected on 2/1/19.  The inspector noted: “Checked site and found roadside ditch blocked all along Cool Spring Rd. There is a pipe replacement project scheduled for this already.”  Apparently, they will be replacing piping along this area, but did not provide a date for this pipe replacement.  I will continue to monitor and update you as I learn more.  Regarding the Flooding along this stretch of road, I’m not certain if this is part of the “pipe replacement project” or a separate issue.  However, I have informed DPWT and the Council Office these are two separate matters.  Again, as I hear more from the county, I will  update you as well.

Additionally, a request was made to 311 to check another area – Cool Spring Rd  and Quinn Springs Court – where constant water runoff and flooding is occurring.


  • Environmental Crimes Unit:  Councilwoman Taveras’ office is still waiting on the agenda for the Environmental Crimes Unit walkthrough. They have asked that the ECU visit each of the 5 hotspots that were highlighted in their letter. Once they have confirmation that they will visit the hotspot on Cool Spring Road, the time and location will be shared.  Backstory: Cool Spring Road has long been used as a “dumping ground” for household items, mattresses, tried, yard debris, etc.  As an association officer, I am frequently submitting 311 requests for items that have been dumped (from “S” curve to the 3300 block of CSR).  Because of the frequency of these dumping, our area qualified for investigation by the Environmental Crimes Unit. Our goal is to catch those who are committing this crime.  Our association has requested surveillance cameras be installed which would help catch these law-breakers and penalize them with a hefty fine, thereby also curbing this type of infraction.  FYI – WE SEE YOU


  • County Issued or Private Signage:  “No Parking Signs” near the Townhomes along 45th Avenue appear to be “personal/private” signage. DPWT has been contacted and asked for clarification on this (is this legal? Is this a sanctioned sign from the county or placed by resident?)


  • Commercial BusinessesRequest made to Dist. 1 County Council office regarding a commercial business in a residential community.  A suspected commercial business is allegedly operating in our residential community.  Request made to see if they have filed for and received the proper permit(s) to operation a commercial business in an area zoned for rural residential.



  • CSTCA Website:  The Association’s website has been updated and brought current.  Some of the information contained in this update can also be found on our website. https://coolspringterrace.wordpress.com