Meeting Minutes: April 2017


Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Meeting, April 22nd, 2017 (Approved Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

Officers in Attendance: Marguerite Mickens, President; Anika Halota, Treasurer; Michelle V. Rowley, Secretary

Members in Attendance: Approximately 19

I. Welcome/Gathering
The meeting was called to order at 11:05 a.m. at which point the new association officers
introduced themselves to the members in attendance. Also present were Deni. L. Taveras, Member, County Council – Prince George’s County, Carolyn Cook, Constituent Services Liaison, and COPs Liaison, Corporal Bhaskarnauth Tiwari, Prince George’s Police Department.

II. Announcements and Officers’ Reports

  • The minutes from February 2017 were read and approved.
  • Incoming treasurer, Anika Halota, indicated that she was familiarizing herself with the transferred documents and would be better positioned to report on the Association’s finances at the next meeting. The previously announced CSTCA balance of 1527.01 was restated, along with a reminder that the membership voted to give 190.00 to the Christian Science Society as a gesture of appreciation for the use of their facilities.
  • Member Jon Robinson provided an update on plans underway to build a middle school behind Mother Jones Elementary. Mr. Robinson has been working to encourage the school board to broaden their search for an appropriate school site. In a meeting attended by Senator Rosapepe, Mr. Robinson proposed three alternative sites for consideration. While the suggestions were positively received, there was concern that they would not be taken up. The members voiced additional concerns about the potential conversion of the woods at University/Adelphi intersection (Cool Spring Forest) for development purposes. The discussion then turned to a preliminary exploration about how the Association might acquire said woods to stave off further conversion. This included a suggestion that the woods be given to the Association as “compensation” for lands lost due to the middle school construction. Councilwoman Tavares reminded members, this property is privately owned and did not foresee this to be a possibility.

III. Community Policing Update
The Association then heard from Corporal Bhaskarnauth Tiwari (Cpl. T), who has replaced Corporal Rickert as the Association’s COPs liaison. Corporal Rickert is now the liaison in the Kennilworth/Riverdale area.

Cpl. T introduced himself, he invited us to use “Cpl. T” and provided his contact info:
Phone: 240-762-1545

He indicated that his preferred method of communication is email. Cpl. T invited the members to register on, an online neighborhood networking website. It is a free service and once registered, allows you to directly communicate with your neighbors as well as Cpl. T, who is also a member. This site allows you to disseminate your own community information and you can post concerns to which the police can then follow up.
By way of example, Cpl. T accounted for a situation where members inquired about the caution tape that had been posted at a home on Cool Spring Road, police follow-up revealed that a resident attempted to provide support to a utility company working in the area. The site was visited by the police and the resident was required to remove the tape. Cpl. T noted that similar issues could be posted to Next Door for police attention.
In his community crime update, Cpl. T reminded members to not leave items in their car noting that GPS units were most susceptible to theft.

Members raised a number of concerns with Cpl. T. These included:

  • Concerns about the dumping of large bulky items (mattresses in particular) on Cool Spring Road
  • Parking congestion on Osage and Pawnee. This congestion recently impeded an EMT vehicle
  • Concerns about commercial vehicles parking in the community e.g. 26th Place
  • The need for a traffic light on Cool Spring and Riggs to facilitate easier entry to and exit from the community
  • Speeding. Members asked about the procedure for installing a speed bump on 26th Place to help alleviate this problem.
  • Difficulty turning onto Adelphi from Cool Spring Road because of un-mowed and uncut hedges and bushes.

Members also discussed the possibility of the Adopt-a-Road Program, which with county support, might allow for a more efficient maintenance of the Adelphi/Cool Spring intersection.

In response to these concerns, Cpl. T noted that a speed bump and a traffic light would require a traffic study. He also noted that the Association would need to confirm who held responsibility for the identified roads, observing that some roads fell to the state, while others to the county. Cpl. T indicated that he would investigate the issues that fell under his purview (e.g. commercial parking, army truck, illegal dumping) and encouraged the Members to also raise these issues with Councilwoman Taveras. He indicated that he would inquire and convey the correct channel of communication for the traffic study.

IV. District #2 Councilwoman Taveras
Councilwoman Taveras presented an overview of the county’s 3.8 billion budget (FY 2017). Among the highlights, Councilwoman Taveras noted that $1.96 billion was earmarked for education – a projected increase of 30 million. She also noted the intent to hire an additional 200 police officers and 115 firefighters, 25 new deputy sheriffs and two new classes of correctional officers.
Councilwoman Taveras stated that there was the need for a rat abatement program following on the county’s move to one day a week trash pick-up. She also signaled her intent to put forward legislation aimed to address residential overcrowding in the community.
Members voiced their concern about the efficiency of trash collection, noting that the trucks were now too packed to function effectively. We were encouraged to report any incidents to 311.
Councilwoman Taveras informed the membership that there were ongoing efforts to improve property standards code enforcement and that there was now Saturday area inspection. The county is also working to enforce the monitoring of abandoned vehicles.
Taveras is also working toward having trash cans placed at bus stops.
Members then voiced the need for a sidewalk at Cool Spring and Adelphi. Councilwoman promised to conduct a site visit as part of her follow up on this issue.
Member Robinson used the opportunity to speak with Councilwoman Taveras about the loss of green space to the middle school at Mother Jones. Member Robinson argued that if the woods were acquired with “Open Space” funds, then there should be some form of replacement/exchange of open space.
Councilwoman Taveras noted that the alternative locations suggested by Member Robinson might not be appropriate given that school sites/placement need to meet set criteria, which are hard to find and that there was a need to redress overcrowding in the county’s schools.
The Councilwoman’s liaison officer, Carolyn Cook, encouraged the membership to contact her office with any ongoing concerns.

V. Election of New Officers
After some discussion, Mr. Ikem Ukachu was voted into the position of Vice President and joined the Officers at the table.

VI. New Business

  • Members were encouraged to visit an upcoming an exhibit of art proposals for the new purple line metro – April 27, College Park Community Center, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
  • Members were asked to occasionally visit the Association’s Facebook page to avoid removal from the site.
  • Members were asked to convey any changes to their contact info. to the officers. The new membership form is on the Association’s website.
  • Member Kim Crews gave an overview of the upcoming community clean-up day (April 29).
  • Member Crews also noted that there were a number of homes in violation of property standards and asked for ongoing community code inspection.
  • The Association then began a preliminary discussion of residential permit parking and asked to read the materials distributed for a later conversation.
  • The Association discussed the ongoing late-night noise that extends into the community. There is some speculation that the site is on University Blvd. Cpl. T reminded the members that the county’s noise ordinance is a 24-hour ordinance, and the membership was informed that the Association has been registered as a party of record to the “Special Except” application made by Emily’s Restaurant; this request asks that they, Emily Restaurant, be allowed to play music beyond midnight. The Association extends its thanks to Member Robinson for drafting the opposition letter that was submitted on the Association’s behalf.
  • President Mickens-Mosley spoke to the need to re-engage block captains as well as the intent to begin a weekend walking group.
  • Treasurer Halota alerted members to a “Raincheck Rebate” program in the community and indicated that it was possible, in the future, to invite the Department of the Environmental Resources (DER) to do a presentation on the program.

The meeting was formally adjourned at 1:08 and was followed by a community Seed Swap.

April Minutes 22nd (PDF file)

Family Picnic Community Fun Day

Sunday, June 4th, 2017
12:00pm – 3:00pm
College Park Moose Lodge
3700 Metzerott Road

The College Park Moose Lodge at 3700 Metzerott Road is holding a Family
Picnic Community Fun Day from 12:00 pm ‐ 3:00 pm! There will be face
painting, a moon bounce, a dunk tank; hot dogs, hamburgers and other
picnic foods available at a reasonable cost. The Prince Georges County Police
will be available for children’s finger printing services and vendors will be
showing and selling their items. If you’re interested in renting a table ($20
per table) for garage sale/flea market items, contact Joan Ford via private
message on If you are not a registered member of NextDoor
(Adelphi/Riggs Rd Neighborhood), you may email me at and I will private message Joan Ford on your behalf.
Rain date will be Saturday, June 10th.


Purple Line Transit Partners: Meet the Concessionaires

Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP) will host two open house events to introduce the concessionaire team to local communities. The public is encouraged to attend, meet the team, and learn about the publicprivate partnership (P3) that will make the Purple Line a reality. At the events, the project team will be on-hand and attendees can view the design of the Purple Line and its twenty-one stations.

Prince George’s County Meeting
Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017, 6:30pm-8:30pm
College Park Community Center
5051 Pierce Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Montgomery County Meeting
Wednesday, May 24th, 2017, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Montgomery Blair High School
51 University Blvd E., Silver Spring, MD 20901

For more information visit

View the event flyer here.

Walking Group

Summer is almost here…are you ready?walk3

The CSTCA is starting a WALKING GROUP! Yep!!! That’s right! A WALKING GROUP. Morning walks through the neighborhood and surrounding areas; breathing fresh morning air, hearing birds chirping…doesn’t that sound ideal!! Walking is a great low impact way to get into and/or stay in shape. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. Need motivation? Want great company and good conversation? The CSTCA has that and more! We’ve got an all-around diverse neighborhood full of wonderful and interesting people and great conversationalists.


If you are interested in joining the CSTCA Walking Group or have other healthy, fun ideas, let us know. Interested in walking? Contact one of the CSTCA officers below.


Clean Up, Green Up


Meet at 2500 Cool Spring Rd. (Corner of Cool Spring Rd. and 26th Ave.) at 8:30 AM, April 29th, 2017

The Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association is participating in Clean Up, Green Up sponsored by Prince George’s County. Volunteer now to help us pick up trash in the neighborhood and in our wooded areas.

We need the following volunteers:

  • Drivers – Drive behind the Litter Patrol with flashers to keep Litter Patrol safe.
  • Litter Patrol – Pick up trash in designated areas in the neighborhood. Each volunteer will be provided with: a trash grabber, a safety vest, disposable gloves, and trash bags.
  • Food Servers – Help organize continental breakfast and lunch for the volunteers.

Students! Earn Service Learning Hours. Bring the form from your school’s guidance office and our clean up coordinator will sign the form. Indicate that you are a student on the sign-up form.

Contact: Kim Crews, (301) 717-8723, to volunteer

Seed and Plant Swap! – April 22nd, Post-Meeting

Seedlings for SwappingAt the conclusion of the April 22nd bi-monthly meeting, we will be hosting a community seed and plant start swap in front of the Church of Christ Scientist, 8300 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville 20783. Estimated start time between 12:30pm and 1:00pm, depending on the length of the meeting.

Stay and socialize after the meeting and find out who your fellow gardeners in the community are! Bring along any of the following you would like to share with your neighbors:

  • Seeds
  • Vegetable starts
  • House plants or outdoor plants, in soil or as cuttings
  • Miscellaneous small garden equipment (flower pots you don’t want, etc.)

Newspaper potWe will be providing supplies for labeling and transporting seeds, but please bring any rooted plants in containers you are willing to part with ready to go or on hand for quick repotting. Here’s a link with instructions for how to make a pot out of a newspaper, or you can bring them in yogurt containers, soda bottles cut in half, pasta sauce jars, etc…

If possible, try to bring as much information about the plant with you as you can, such as species name, soil used, and sun preference. This will give its new owner the best chance at success.

Egyptian Walking Onions

It’s up to you whether you want to trade only, or simply gave away surplus. For those with no gardens of their own started, this might be your chance to learn more and get your first vegetables in the ground. I know I for one will be bringing plenty of these prolific Egyptian Walking Onions to give away – EVERYONE has a green thumb with this plant!

Meeting Minutes: February 2017

Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Meeting, February 25, 2017

NOTE: The December 2016 meeting was postponed until February due to a snowstorm on December 17.

Officers present at the February 2017 meeting: Ted Hull, President; Glenn Kirkland, Vice President; Andrea Kenner, Secretary

Number of attendees: Approximately 20

I. Welcome/Gathering

The meeting was called to order at 11:14 a.m. Cpl. Rickert from the Prince George’s County Police Department was our special guest.

II. Announcements and Officers’ Reports

The minutes from the October 2016 meeting were read and approved.

President Hull gave the treasurer’s report: As of the beginning of the meeting, the treasury held $1,527.01. This amount included a dedution of $100 that the Association donated to support its opposition to Question D, which was on the ballot during the general election in November 2016.

Vice President Kirkland announced that membership dues for 2017 were due. Dues were collected from a number of the members present at the meeting. Also, the membership voted to donate $190 to the Christian Science Society, Hyattsville, in appreciation for the use of their meeting room.

III. Announcements

Member Jon Robinson updated members on the status of community opposition to the school board’s plan to build a middle school behind Mother Jones Elementary. In meeting with other local community groups, Mr. Robinson learned that nearby residents are concerned about the environmental impact of building a school on that site, which appears to be on a floodplain. The county is currently using the site for playing fields for the elementary school. Parents report that those fields are often too soggy for play, and the high water table there attracts mosquitos. Local residents have already spent between $20,000 and $50,000 each to waterproof their basements due to flooding. The fear is that building a school on that site could cause even more water damage to the surrounding homes and could render them unsalable.

Mr. Robinson also said he thinks that the county may also be considering Cool Spring Forest as the site for a future middle school. Our community association has concerns about that plan as well.

IV. Cpl. Rickert’s Report to the Association

Cpl. Rickert informed the association of the passing of Laverne Williams from the Lewisdale Civic Association. The Cool Spring Civic Association sends its condolences to Ms. Williams’s family.

Cpl. Rickert reported on the homeless camps that have sprung up along the power lines near University Blvd, and on an increase the incidence of gang violence at the Marylander Apartments and Campus Gardens.

Members expressed concern with loud music that appears to emanate from night clubs along University Blvd. Several members said that they hear the music continuing late into the night, but had been unable to determine its source. Cpl. Rickert said that he would check into this for us. Members also expressed concern about loud student parties on Curry Place. Cpl. Rickert reminded us that we can contact the University of Maryland to report loud student parties in the neighborhood.

Members again expressed a desire to have a traffic light installed at the corner of Cool Spring Road and Riggs Road. This still appears to be unlikely.

V. Election of New Officers

After much discussion, the following new officers were nominated and unanimously elected:

  • President: Marguerite Mickens-Mosley
  • Treasurer: Anika Halota
  • Secretary: Michelle Rowley

A nominee was not available for the position of Vice President, and members agreed to table the selection of a new Vice President until a future meeting.

VI. New Business/Comments for the Good of the Association

Members discussed several ideas for engaging community members in participating in our association:

  • Reinstating the CSTCA newsletter, publishing it in both English and Spanish, and delivering it door-to-door
  • Reinstating the block party
  • Reducing crime by keeping a lookout for each other
  • Revitalizing the block captain program

The new board will take up these ideas and more.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:15 p.m.