Minutes from February 2017 Meeting

Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Meeting, February 25, 2017

NOTE: The December 2016 meeting was postponed until February due to a snowstorm on December 17.

Officers present at the February 2017 meeting: Ted Hull, President; Glenn Kirkland, Vice President; Andrea Kenner, Secretary

Number of attendees: Approximately 20

I. Welcome/Gathering

The meeting was called to order at 11:14 a.m. Cpl. Rickert from the Prince George’s County Police Department was our special guest.

II. Announcements and Officers’ Reports

The minutes from the October 2016 meeting were read and approved.

President Hull gave the treasurer’s report: As of the beginning of the meeting, the treasury held $1,527.01. This amount included a dedution of $100 that the Association donated to support its opposition to Question D, which was on the ballot during the general election in November 2016.

Vice President Kirkland announced that membership dues for 2017 were due. Dues were collected from a number of the members present at the meeting. Also, the membership voted to donate $190 to the Christian Science Society, Hyattsville, in appreciation for the use of their meeting room.

III. Announcements

Member Jon Robinson updated members on the status of community opposition to the school board’s plan to build a middle school behind Mother Jones Elementary. In meeting with other local community groups, Mr. Robinson learned that nearby residents are concerned about the environmental impact of building a school on that site, which appears to be on a floodplain. The county is currently using the site for playing fields for the elementary school. Parents report that those fields are often too soggy for play, and the high water table there attracts mosquitos. Local residents have already spent between $20,000 and $50,000 each to waterproof their basements due to flooding. The fear is that building a school on that site could cause even more water damage to the surrounding homes and could render them unsalable.

Mr. Robinson also said he thinks that the county may also be considering Cool Spring Forest as the site for a future middle school. Our community association has concerns about that plan as well.

IV. Cpl. Rickert’s Report to the Association

Cpl. Rickert informed the association of the passing of Laverne Williams from the Lewisdale Civic Association. The Cool Spring Civic Association sends its condolences to Ms. Williams’s family.

Cpl. Rickert reported on the homeless camps that have sprung up along the power lines near University Blvd, and on an increase the incidence of gang violence at the Marylander Apartments and Campus Gardens.

Members expressed concern with loud music that appears to emanate from night clubs along University Blvd. Several members said that they hear the music continuing late into the night, but had been unable to determine its source. Cpl. Rickert said that he would check into this for us. Members also expressed concern about loud student parties on Curry Place. Cpl. Rickert reminded us that we can contact the University of Maryland to report loud student parties in the neighborhood.

Members again expressed a desire to have a traffic light installed at the corner of Cool Spring Road and Riggs Road. This still appears to be unlikely.

V. Election of New Officers

After much discussion, the following new officers were nominated and unanimously elected:

  • President: Marguerite Mickens-Mosley
  • Treasurer: Anika Halota
  • Secretary: Michelle Rowley

A nominee was not available for the position of Vice President, and members agreed to table the selection of a new Vice President until a future meeting.

VI. New Business/Comments for the Good of the Association

Members discussed several ideas for engaging community members in participating in our association:

  • Reinstating the CSTCA newsletter, publishing it in both English and Spanish, and delivering it door-to-door
  • Reinstating the block party
  • Reducing crime by keeping a lookout for each other
  • Revitalizing the block captain program

The new board will take up these ideas and more.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:15 p.m.


One thought on “Minutes from February 2017 Meeting

  1. It seems the School Board did not do much to inform the community about the hearings on the new middle school location. This is the usual check off the box attitude that the School Board has toward citizen involvement. Why didn’t Councilwoman Taveras make sure our civic association was informed? We wouldn’t have even known about the school coming were it not for Senator Rossepepe mentioning it at our April meeting. Long after the hearings had been held.


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