Opinion on Question D from Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk

We have been asked to post the following letter from Delegate Joseline Peña-Melnyk on the Cool Spring Terrace website.

Dear Neighbors and Fellow Prince Georgians:

Election Day is just around the corner and early voting starts today. While many of us are absorbed by the presidential race, I am writing to draw your attention to an important issue at the bottom of the ballot: Question D.

I am opposed to Question D and I am writing to tell you why.

What Question D is About

Question D requests consent from voters to add two additional council seats to our county council. The two additional seats will be at-large seats. It will raise the total number of council seats to 11 ( 9 district + 2 at-large). The two at-large seats will have separate two-term limits. So, for example, a district council member who has served two terms would immediately be eligible to run for two additions terms as an at-large council member.

Some facts about Question D

It will cost the County over $1 million each year to fund the two additional seats.

Running countywide is expensive. Previous countywide races have cost between $300,000 to $400,000; over $1 million was spent for the last County Executive race. Developers and special interests will fund their candidates who will run on slates with Senators or the Executive, while grassroots candidates will find it very difficult to compete effectively. The at-large council member will be responsive to funders and not to the people. Let’s get public financing for council candidates in Prince George’s before we debate at-large seats.

We already know from the October 9th Campaign Finance Report that $30,000 was given by developers to Recharge At-Large, the Ballot Committee promoting Question D. There will be much more in developer contributions before Election Day. If Question D will be so good for the County, why are developers pushing it? Don’t be fooled by the “Democratic Sample Ballots” being mailed by them.

I believe it is Important to Respect the Voice of the People

Question D circumvents term limits. Term limits in Prince George’s were placed on the charter through a citizen-driven initiative. Some elected officials have repeatedly attempted to second-guess the intent of voters and overturn term limits. Their attempts have failed three times; Question D is the fourth attempt. One of the reasons I oppose Question D because I think it is important to respect the will of the people.

Just last year, the County Council, facilitated by a state law voted on by my colleagues, chose to increase the property tax rate. I voted against the state bill in the General Assembly that made it possible for the county council to circumvent TRIM and I opposed the tax rate increase publicly.

If adding at-large seats, changing term limits, or repealing TRIM will improve county governance, it is incumbent on elected officials to initiate that discussion at the community level and not support stealth measures to undermine what voters have placed in the Charter.

For all these reasons, I hope you will join me in Opposing Question D.

The Prince George’s Civic Federation is coordinating a citizen’s campaign against Question D. You can find more information at their website http://www.NoOnQuestionD.com



Project to restore erosion damage along the Northwest Branch hiker-biker trail

By Andrea Kenner

Here are some photos I took this morning of the work that has already been done to restore the section of the Northwest Branch Trail near the power lines that cross Cool Spring Road.

They laid the big rocks along the curve of the creek and built up the bank beside the part of the trail that had eroded away. It looks like the next step will be to roll out some new asphalt and repave the missing parts of the trail.

Water main break at Cool Spring Road and Riggs Road

Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015

By: Andrea Kenner

This morning, a water main break occurred at the corner of Cool Spring Road and Riggs Road. The break has been reported, and as of 5:30 a.m., the WSSC crew is at the scene. Our home has no water pressure; other homes are probably also affected. One of the WSSC workers said that repairs may take all day to complete. Traffic hazards are expected in the area. Please drive carefully as you approach the intersection.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Neighborhood cleanup event on Oct. 17

Please join us at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 17, for a neighborhood cleanup event! We’ll meet at the Mosley’s home at the corner of 26th Avenue and Cool Spring Road. We’ll be participating as part of the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation’s Clean Up Green Up Fall 2015 initiative. Volunteer teams will split up to clean sections of our neighborhood. Light refreshments will be served. So come on out, meet your neighbors, and lend a helping hand!

For more information, please contact Ted Hull at (301) 422-9599.

Looking for something to do today? Visit the DC State Fair

OK, we know that DC isn’t technically a state, but… this looks like an interesting event. It’s happening today, Sept. 12, 2015, from noon to 8 p.m. at 925 Rhode Island Ave NW – just blocks from the Green/Yellow Shaw-Howard U Metro Stop. They’re even having a Pet Parade! Check it out:


Tiny dog found on Cool Spring Road near Riggs Road

By Andrea Kenner

On Monday, July 14, our neighbors said a dog followed them home from the Adelphi Mill. Once on our side of Riggs Road, the dog roamed through the neighborhood at our end of Cool Spring Road until Barry and I were able to capture him. He is staying with us while we are trying to find his owners.

He is a tiny dog. He looks like he may be part Chihuahua. He is friendly and seems accustomed to living with humans. He is not neutered, and was not wearing a collar when we found him. If you are his owner, or if you know who his owners are, please contact me at agkenner@gmail.com.


Presentation from the Special Meeting on March 27

At a special meeting of the Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association on March 27, 2015, Chad Williams from the Maryland – National Capital Park & Planning Commission gave a presentation on the rewrite of the Prince George’s County zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations. The meeting was well attended, and a lively discussion ensued.

Click the link below to review the presentation that Mr. Williams gave:

Presentation to the Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association

Please note that the next meeting of the Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association will be on Saturday, April 25, at 11 a.m., at the Christian Science Society, Hyattsville, Maryland, 8300 Adelphi Road.

For review: Final drafts of revised constition

Dear members:

Attached are two final versions of the draft constitution for your review:

Both versions use Word’s Track Changes feature to highlight edits and comments.

If you have any further edits or comments, please send them to Margie or Ted by Friday, November 28, 2014. Please add a reply on this page if you need one of their email addresses.

Thank you!