October 2019 Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2019

Officers in Attendance: President Marguerite Mickens-Mosley
Members in attendance per sign-in sheet totaled 14; others arrived during the meeting.
President Mickens-Mosley opened the meeting at 11:00 am by welcoming all present.

Officers Reports:
August 24, 2019 meeting minutes were read and approved. Jon Robinson motioned to ratify, Sondra seconded the motion. The Treasurer’s report was deferred to the next meeting, December 21.

Old Business:
President Mickens-Mosley updated members community event cancellations – potluck or block party. Although something she really wanted to accomplish this year, with lack of any other officer involvement this last year, and many unanticipated extra family duties involving much travel,
it became too big a stretch. Members were clear that no apologies were needed—family comes first and they were very grateful for all the accomplishments, regular civic work and meetings
Mrs. Mickens-Mosley has maintained.

Parking and housing code violations that raised at the last meeting were relayed by Mrs. Mickens-Mosley to Inspector McCleran to pursue. She asked that members let her know if there are any more. Officer Musie is covering our area until Officer Brown returns from training. Corporal T has stopped by to say hello and that he thinks of us.

The loose dogs previously reported roaming have been reported to the ASPCA.
Related issue: A wild coyote was seen as recently as the previous night and should be reported to animal control unless you are in imminent danger.

The corner of Adelphi and Cool Spring Roads is being used by the Maryland State Highway administration (SHA) as a staging area for purple line construction—it is their property—
and not a new property construction without community notice.

New Business:
Councilwoman Deni Taveras gave a report of selected county accomplishments/projects.
For more information or concerns, contact her Administrative Aide, Renee White at 301-952-4436.
County projects include:
–Extensive work on the important countywide 2020 CensusVolunteers are needed to be trained and go to churches, supermarkets, senior homes and community centers. This is to make sure the 2020 Census count participation is high and we are not undercounted, affecting the ability to get funding and have it properly allocated.

Partnership with Habitat for Humanity to buy up vacant homes and provide to those in need according to income. Have purchased villas in Langley Park to revitalize. CSTCA will consider bringing their local contact to a future meeting on this useful project.
Animal ordinance is new for dangerous and vicious animals; voted for pit bull ban.
Residential parking concerns can now be addressed by county council resolution for number of permits allowed by household.
–$50,000 appropriated for Cool Spring area to analyze flooding, drainage cleaned out –may also need to meet with DOE.
–DPWT has a Vision Zero proposal to promote survival, prevent pedestrian and cyclist deaths/ injuries. New Hampshire Avenue and University Blvd has the highest pedestrian deaths in the county.
–Will review at a future meeting the State of the District$10 billion being invested.
–Met with County Executive Angela Alsobrooks on Ms. Taveras vision of how the county can grow.
All revitalization and tax credit bills were passed with her support. The Tik Tok building/lot transformation and lots at New Hampshire and University are on Ms. Taveras’ “wish list.”   Transforming East-West Highway strip mall with $350,000. Keeping same residents and rents beautifying with mural. Art pieces to be at WAWA and bus stations. Discussed a Welcome sign
in Cool Spring/Adelphi area and other Northern Gateway/Carroll Highlands activity.
Development and schools: Development Hyattsville over $55 billion. 50% of residents are foreign born. Want to increase household average /median income and investment in this area as in Arts District.  $10 billion in projects…3 at $1 billion each in Hyatttsville/elsewhere related to the Purple Line. Properties being developed without county money.
Schooling in trailers and such crowding a major longstanding problem.  (Some members pointed out limits to growth-see following section on Q&A/Discussion.) Two (2) new schools being constructed and others expanding in Hyattsville. High Point, Adelphi Elementary/Cool Spring, others mentioned
as expanding (8 new)county-wide. Traffic will be “special” on Riggs Road during construction.
–The need for bus drivers was noted—there is a shortage.
–$8 million being invested in 3 community centers in Northern Gateway. A library was started
at Langley Park and Merrimac. Building includes commercial office space and commercial kitchen
as incubator/ training center.
–“Dream wish list” includes buying buildings to keep artists in studios, and the Metzrott corner church building to keep international counseling, PGPCS, ESL, etc. resources in the community.
–An inquiry to develop the ‘Cool Spring Forest’ area came into the Councilwoman’s office again
and she referred them to President Mickens. She noted the new owner knows her commitment
and that’s why she sent the inquiry to us.

Discussion with Councilwoman Deni Taveras – Members were:
–Frustrated with speed of and lack of response on service calls for gang activity seen on trees in the Northwest Branch stream valley park—also for property/trash code violations. Gaps ability to access, in follow-up and continuity, with same issues never resolved or hear back.

–Concerned about why it was necessary to build houses and apartments still for families when schools were overcrowded and tax base low. Proposed accommodating more businesses instead
to reduce congestion, need for more taxpayer investment and raise the tax revenues.

–Very interested in having the Councilwoman open a conversation with the county and/or the owner of the acres of forested area near the end of Cool Spring Road and Adelphi Road (Cool Spring Forest). (There is a new owner/partnership for this private land this community has fought for decades to preserve as currently zoned low-density or undeveloped green space.) Members do not want development there but to keep it natural open space. Habitat for red tailed hawks and other wildlife, an amenity for the community — something naturally wild for children and family to experience close to home, aesthetically pleasing/calming to the human spirit–especially as we live in an urban area.

–Appreciative of the transformation and beautification efforts seen nearby and glad some coming
to our area. Various specific ideas were discussed for overcoming years of neglect regarding renovation/placement of malls, libraries, bus centers and shelters, and banners/signage.

New Business
The next meeting on December 21 will be our year-end potluck and new officer election.
Discussion ensued about why the civic association is important and whether / how to structure leadership and activities in the next term differently to improve participation. By-Laws would have
to be changed if a major restructure of leadership is desired. A leadership structure review/proposal is to be considered to be done the next year.

Kim Crews offered to coordinate bulk trash pick-up and the Spring April Green Up.
Carol Hurwitch and Andrea Kenner agreed to research and install a Little Library.

CSTCA: Meeting Agenda for October 26, 2019 and Meeting Minutes for August 22, 2019
Prince Georges County: 2020 Census Frequently Asked Questions
District 2:  Senior Fall Fling – November 14th, 11am-2pm and
Seniors Paint and Pastries – October 4, 7, 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8, 15  – with Art Works Now

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

CSTCA October Minutes 2019

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