CSTCA February-March 2019 Newsletter


Cool Spring Terrace Civic Association Newsletter                                               
February-March 2019

Message from the President

Hello members and neighbors!  Hope you have been enduring well in this weather (and governmental crisis).

The CSTCA is an informal, volunteer, community-oriented Association whose purpose is keeping our community a great place to live, safe, and green.  Our community is as strong as our communications, member engagement, and involvement of neighbors and local representatives.

Our December 2018 Membership Meeting also included our Year-End Holiday Celebration where we shared in good times and great food with wonderful people. Recognition and appreciation was given to those members who have remained involved and giving of their time. This association would not survive without it.

Councilwoman, Deni Taveras attends every meeting and when unable has a rep- resentative attend in proxy.  This shows a dedication and commitment to the needs in our area. If you’ve never met her, attend one of our meetings for an introduction.

Requests are still being made for repairs of the storm water drain along Cool  Spring Road.  The flooding has become a constant problem and freezing temperatures have caused that area and further up to become a sheet of ice posing a safety hazard.  I’ve witnessed vehicles losing control along this stretch of road during recent snow days.  Hopefully, the county will address and repair it soon.

As a reminder the CSTCA website provides updates, meeting announcements and events.  If you have interesting content you would like us to post to the CSTCA website, let us know!  For now, enjoy the Newsletter!

Marguerite Mickens-Mosley, President

Working together to make it better

In This Issue

•    Message from the President

•    Anacostia Watershed

•    Community Concerns

•    December Meeting Highlights

•    Important Meetings

•    Did You Know?

•    Black History Month:  African-Americans You Didn’t Learn About In School

•    Summer Work Program

•    Becoming A Member

Now recruiting for Spring 2019 Watershed Stewards Academy!

Did you discover some storm water problems in your neighborhood during last year’s record-setting  rain- fall?  Are you motivated to become an environmental leader in your community and help to fix these issues?  Then you should sign up for the Watershed Stewards Academy! This eight-week program starts on March 12, and will be held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Apply today to take the course that will equip you with the skills you need to tackle storm water and other pollution issues in your community.  Have questions before you apply?  Email Matt Gallagher at mgallagher@anacostiaws.org or Click here to apply today!


Here is a list of concerns the association is currently addressing.  If you have other matters you’d like to bring to our attention, please contact one of the officers listed on the back of this newsletter.

◻    Flooding on Cool Spring Road.  Service requests were placed with County Click 311 calling attention to the flooding problem, clogged storm water drain, overflow of vegetation. Recent snowfall cause the road to freeze over causing vehicular safety concerns.  We hope the county addresses this matter soon.

◻    Parking:  Unfortunately, this is an ongoing problem. It has been reported that residents are not adhering to the no-parking signs, continuing to park near intersections and too near driveways.  This makes it difficult for neighboring residents to enter and exit their own driveways.  We are asking everyone to be courteous of their neighbors.

◻    Commercial Vehicles: These vehicles are still parking on the street making it difficult for vehicles to navigate the streets.  This is prevalent on Pawnee, Osage, and Navaho.  Commercial vehicles should be parked in the driveways if they are to be housed at your residence. If parked on the street, these vehicles cannot remain in one location for longer than 72 hours.  Our COPs Liaison has been patrolling the area and issuing warning tickets.  We are requesting warning tickets cease and tickets with fines issued to help address this issue.


Thank you to all of our CSTCA Block Captains.  They deliver our notices without question or complaint.  Even in inclement weather, notices are delivered.  Although we don’t say it often, your participation is valued and appreciated.

     December Meeting—Highlights

Date: December 15, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 11:12 a.m.

Announcements and Reports: Treasury report – account balance is $1486.00. Accepting 2019 Dues. Checks can be mailed to Treasurer, Anika Halota, 3305 Cool Spring Road. Please do not leave cash. Minutes were read and approved, with an amendment request regarding the use of the word “anonymous.” Minutes will also be amended to reflect discussion of UMD’s golf course reduction proposal.

COP Liaison Report:

  • Theft from autos continues to be an ongoing problem.
  • 911 Response times: Asked in the context of disruptive student occupied houses in the community. (e.g. late-night parties, residual trash, students blacked-out on neighboring lawns, “suspected” drug-sales).
  • Membership discussed the need for a systematic and multi-prong response to this problem, namely writing to the owner, the university and keeping note of any 911 calls made, flagging the house to the Nuisance Abatement Board, exploring the possibility of civil forfeiture law if own remains unresponsive.
  • A member Bauer raised the possibility of pursuing a legislative response to the issue of disruptive rentals. In particular, talking with our representatives. Officer Muse agreed to patrol the area.
  • Concern remains about the speeding along Adelphi Road. Still difficult to cross 26th Place and Adelphi Road, even with the crossway and blinking lights. We will approach DPWT again.

V: New and Old Business

President Mosley alerted the membership that Dottie McDaniel of the Chillum area association, is unwell and asked the Association send support, donating to her GoFundMe page. The membership voted unanimously to send a donation.

The membership voted unanimously to $200.00 donation to the church for use of their facilities.

UMD Golf Course: Member Robinson provided an update on UMD’s proposed “development” of the golf course.

Community issues

  • No updates on “The Bus” service.
  • There has been inconsistent collection of yard waste.
  • Similarly, mail delivery has gotten later.
  • Cool Spring Road flooding and metal plates, 311 call made, they indicated that it had been resolved but still there.
  • Appreciation for the county’s maintenance of median on Adelphi Road.
  • New U-turn sign placed on Adelphi/University, but it is still signaling an incorrect turn.
  • President Mickens-Mosley acknowledged these issues and noted that updates will be sent via the weekly updates

VII. Year‐End Celebration and Acknowledgements

President Mickens-Mosely thanked Member Ted Hull for his support throughout the year. She encouraged everyone to bring a neighbor to future meetings and extended good cheer for the coming holidays.

Motion made to adjourn at 12:28.

The membership proceeded to our end of year celebrations!


Important Meetings


Council Member Deni Taveras advocated for school equity and a seat for every child at the Board of Education (COE) FY2020 Proposed Operating Budge Public hearing on Monday, Feb. 11th at High Point High School.  Councilmember Taveras want to double the graduation rates in the county’s most vulnerable communities, where in some areas less than half of the population has a high school degree and less than one-in-ten have a college degree or higher. District 2 (our district) is the most over-crowded district in PCG, with a large population of immigrate and low-income families. Schools are already at capacity or over capacity, including the schools in our area.  As the Councilwoman quotes “Every child deserves a seat, every child deserves a chance at the American dream”.

Adelphi Area Schools Community Meeting:  Held on Tuesday, Feb. 19th at 7:00 pm, Buck Lodge Middle School (2611 Buck Lodge Road, Beltsville, MD).  This meeting was heavily attended by residents in the Adelphi area. Many opinions heard and questions answered and posed. Much concern was voiced about traffic and road conditions, things we already have difficulties with. However, my personal take away from the meeting was that residents (who did not or no longer have school-aged children) were opposed.   The question that forms in MY mind is…”what holds a higher value? The future of our
children or our property values?

BOE Public Hearing: Adelphi Area Over-Crowding Relief Plan, Feb. 21st at 7:00 PM, PGCPS Sasscer Admin Building (142-1 School Lane, Upper Marlboro, MD)


  • Air BNB’s are illegal in Prince Georges County until October 2019. If one is operating near you, you can contact DPIE (Inspector T. Peterson [email: tapeterson@co.pg.md.us]) or visit their webpage for more information.
  • Towing trucks are being used to steal cars. Take note if you see tow trucks rolling through your area. Hondas and Toyotas are frequent targets.
  • Your local fire department will provide and install one Smoke Detector.  Call (201) 864-SAFE
  • The Red Cross provides and installs up to three Smoke Detectors.  Reach out to your local Red Cross Agency.  Visit  https://www.redcoss.org

Consider inviting your local police department to perform a Safety Check of your home. (ex.: if your bush-es are too high, they may inform you that the height of the bushes can be a blind spot and pose a dan ger.). Encourage seniors and those who live alone to seek this option.


(Each One…Teach One)

African-Americans You Didn’t Learn About In School

•       Bessie Coleman:  Groundbreaking US pilot who had to go to France to find a school that would accept her. First civilian African-American pilot and toured the country in the 1920s barnstorming, parachute jumping and lecturing to raise money for an African-American flying school She would only perform airshows that were desegregated and all people entered through the “same” gates, according to the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

•       Dorie Miller:  First African-American recipient of the Navy Cross for Valor for heroics during Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941

•       Claudette Colvin: Most people think Rosa Parks was the first African-American to refuse to give up her bus set, but Claudette Colvin did so months before Park’s action. On March 2, 1955 Colvin, who was only 15 at the time, was riding a city bus after school when the driver told her to give up her seat to a white passenger.  She refused and was handcuffed and arrested. Colvin stated “I felt like Sojourner Truth was pushing down on one shoulder and Harriet Tubman on the other, saying “Sit Down Girl!”

•       William H. Hastie:  1933 he became one o the first African-American members of Franklin Roosevelt’s ad- ministration. In 1946 President Harry Truman appointed him Governor of the Virgin Islands, making him the first African-American to hold the post of governor of a US territory.

•       Jerry Lawson:  Pioneered home video gaming in the 1970s. He was one of few African-American engineers in the industry at that time. Also known for inventing the video game cartridge.

•       Shirley Jackson:  First African-American woman to receive a PhD from MIT.  A theoretical physicist at Bell Laboratories, fostering advances in telecommunications research. Chaired the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

•       Dr. Patricia Bath:  Born 1942, revolutionized the field o ophthalmology when she invented a device that refined laser cataract surgery called the Laserphaco Probe. Patented in 1988, today she’s recognized as the first female African-American doctor to receive a medical patent.

•       Thomas L. Jennings:  (1791-1859) was the first African-American to receive a patent in the US, paving the way for future inventors of color to gain exclusive rights to their inventions. He invented an early method of dry-cleaning called “dry scouring” and patented it in 821—four years BEFORE Paris tailor Jean Baptiste Jolly refined his own chemical technical and established what many claim was history’s first dry cleaning business.

•       Historic Church in Cumberland Maryland used as a stop in the Underground Railroad. Emmanuel Parish of the Episcopal Church.

Prince George’s County Summer Youth @ Work Program

The Prince George’s County Youth@Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program (SYEP) provides an opportunity to participate in career development, life-skills training and summer employment opportuniies. Applications are due March 22.



The CSTCA has a reasonable annual dues of $10 per household to help offset costs of reaching you with important information and regular gatherings as well as providing for a meeting location.

The Association meets every other month on the 4th Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Christian Science Society located at 8300 Adelphi Road, MD.  We maintain a strong link to state and county services to keep members informed with county and legislative matters.

A registered member shall be accorded full rights and privileges of the CSTCA, which include: a) the right to vote; b) the right to hold elective office; c) the right to be delegated; represent the CSTCA by the Executive Board and; d) the right to participate in and/or chair on Committees.

To apply for CSTCA membership, download and mail in our membership application, or bring it with you to the next association meeting.

We encourage you to browse our website to learn even more.  Feel free to submit interesting stories about the neighborhood for posting.

Just go to:  http:// coolspringterrace.wordpress.com

Got A Question?

Contact one of our Board members via email.

Marguerite Mickens-Mosley, President: mosley1063@gmail.com

Andie Hodge, Vice President:  andie.hodge@gmail.com

Secretary:  VACANT

Anika Halota, Treasurer:  anikahalota@gmail.com

http:// coolspringter- race.wordpress.com

Working Together To Make It Better!!


APRIL 27, 2019 11:00AM –  1:00PM, 8300 ADELPHI ROAD

COPS Liaison contact information:   Officer Raymond Muse Phone: (240) 479-1367   Email: RIMusse@co.pg.md.us

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