Newsletter: June 2018

Message from the President

Greetings Neighbors, Members, and Friends! I hope you enjoy this issue of the CSTCA Newsletter. April and May were busy and productive months for our association and we accomplished much.

April was our annual Clean-Up/Green-Up Day. Several members and students came to support and assist with this effort, in addition to several members who donated funds. Thank you to all who volunteered! The weather was lovely and our post clean-up pizza party capped a worthwhile day of community improvement. We were able to clean up all of Cool Spring Road! Surprising how much trash accumulates along the roadside and in some cases, in front of residential homes. We arranged for water-logged carpets,  windows, tires and more to be picked up and carted away. CSR remained litter free for about three days!!! I say that because several days later I had to call to have trash picked up by Park & Planning after someone dumped debris on the recently cleaned stretch of Cool Spring Rd. A week later a neighbor caught someone again dumping on Cool Spring and I also noticed a mattress was dumped on the state site of CSR. Thanks to Park & Planning and DPWT for removing those items so quickly. Should you see anyone illegally dumping, I urge you to get the license tag number and report it 311 and send an email to the leadership so we can following up. To catch those who are illegally dumping we need a license tag number and/or make and model of vehicle. Better still would be a photo capturing the action as well as vehicle details.

Our April membership meeting provided some interesting topics and speakers. We had candidates stop in and greet us and topics included the increasing problem of Human Trafficking in PG County, a second Solar Energy presenta- tion, the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative (TNI), a representative from the Langley Park Civic Association, and we met our new COPs Liaison, Officer Ray- mond Musse. Many thanks to Cpl. “T” for his time and efforts. Cpl. T has been reassigned as a school resource officer.

In May, we held our Candidate Forum for the 2018 Primary Elections. Partic- ipating were candidates for County Council, Dist. 2 and State Delegates for Dis- trict 21. Unfortunately, we could not include those candidates for At-Large Coun- ty Council or the Board of Education. Judging by the number of candidates; we can hope that a lot of folks are fired up to serve our communities.

The CSTCA wasn’t alone in hosting a forum, many other associations and organizations held candidate forums, several of which I personally attended. This election is proving to be very important and I urge you all to conduct your research on each candidate so you are able to cast an informed vote; to vote intel- ligently and not emotionally so we get the best candidate in office. As usual, the CSTCA does not endorse or support any one candidate and will remain neutral.

REMEMBER: whoever wins the election is the candidate we will have to work with to secure resources and services for our community. Voter information (listed on right-side of this page) has been provided in this newsletter. Please get out and vote. I urge you all to visit the CSTCA Facebook page and Website. Facebook needs the frequent visitors so the page remains active. Also messages of importance are posted there as one of the vehicles we use to communicate with members. The cost of printing is not always feasible and very costly.

In this issue:

  • Message From The President
  • 2018 Election Primary
  • 20178 CSTCA Candidate Forum
  • BOE Candidates
  • Dine & Learn
  • Vacancy
  • New COPs Liaison
  • PG County Events
  • Council Connect
  • February Meeting Minutes
  • April Meeting Minutes
  • Important Numbers To Keep
  • Becoming A Member

CSTCA Newsletter – June 2018

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