Newsletter: February 2018

Message from the President

Hello Neighbors! As mentioned in December, we now publish the CSTCA Newsletter in quarterly editions. Yes, the publication was not due until March, however, we have some important information about residential parking and an exciting workshop planned for our February meeting. We will resume our quarterly publications with the June edition.

NO PARKING ANYTIME areas. Information was sent notifying residents of parking changes. DWPT Installed no parking signage on February 13th in areas they previously designated. Realizing this is news to some, they may provide a grace period to allow time to acclimate. We were told about these changes at our October 2017 meeting by representatives of DPW&T. Additionally, several email notifications were sent and postings on our Website and Facebook page. Enforcement will occur with police patrols; however, enforcement also depends on residents contacting County Click 311 and making a report. Alternatively, one can contact the Revenue Authority. These changes may present an inconvenience, but it is still in the best interest and safety of the community. This also improves pedestrian safety, and helps prevent damage to parked cars.

Great news! We have a Solar Energy Workshop planned for the February meeting. There has been increased interest in solar energy and many homes in the area have already converted to solar energy. The workshop will have representatives available to answer any questions you may have. Come out and participate in this informative event.

Spring is coming and our Walking Group meets each weekend (weather permitting). If you would like to join the Walking Group, we meet each Saturday morning, 7:30 am at the park entrance to the Northwest Branch Trail on Cool Spring Road. Come out…join us…get healthy, get/stay in shape and make new acquaintances. We walk between 3-5 miles each Saturday, which may seem daunting, but time and distance are not noticeable when in great company with lively conversation. We would love to have you join us!

Lastly, the association is always in need of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer some time, let us know. The more active we are, the more we get done. The more we get done, the better our community will become.

In this issue:

  • Message from the President
  • 2018 Meeting Dates
  • TheBus Service / PG County Transit Vision Plan
  • Solar Energy Workshop
  • Northern Gateway Working Sessions
  • February – Black History Month
  • December Meeting Highlights
  • COPS
  • Important Numbers to Keep
  • Becoming a Member

    CSTCA Newsletter – February 2018

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