Update on “NO PARKING” locations in the CSTCA Community

  • Corner of 26th Ave and Cool Spring Rd., extending along 138 feet on Cool Spring (in the direction of Riggs Road)
  • 26th Avenue (east side) and along Pawnee and Navajo (north side). These signs will be intermittent (alternate sides) to allow for sight distance of vehicles (particularly emergency vehicles, school buses), thereby increasing safety of members of the community, cars and incoming vehicles.

DPWT has already laid down the street notations. If any of the above is unclear, look for the white notations marked on these streets. These will mark the locations for the new signage.

Lastly, parking is prohibited within 30ft of any “STOP” sign.  These measures will be strictly enforced beginning mid-January 2018.  For your convenience, we have included the Maryland Code on Transportation.

Maryland Transportation Section 21-1003 (Article – Transportation)

Newsletter: December 2017

Message from the President

Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and Happy Holidays CSTCA Members!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed the new CSTCA Newsletter you have been receiving. Members at the October meeting suggested distribution changes to better assist the leadership in gathering valuable content. It was agreed and voted upon to start the year 2018 with Quarterly Editions of the newsletter. We hope the added time will allow the leadership to obtain and disseminate information and ideas more thoroughly. In keeping with our mission we are committed to keeping you updated on matters within and surrounding our community.

The October meeting hosted representatives from the Department of Permits, Inspections & Enforcement (DPIE). Members were given a presentation and informational brochures, followed by a Q&A session to update members on rules and codes for PG County properties/homeowners and landlords; proper procedures for renting; inspections, licenses, and permit parking.

Also in attendance, Mr. Michael R. Harris, Jr., Director of Constituent Services and Community Outreach for Councilmember Deni Taveras. Mr. Harris has been very helpful addressing CSTCA concerns. For the December meeting, we will host representatives from DPWT.

Lastly, a reminder about the CSTCA Year-End Holiday Potluck Celebration. The celebration will immediately follow the general membership meeting scheduled for December 16th.

Please be safe this holiday season!!

Check the CSTCA website for updates, meeting announcements, and special events. If you have interesting content you would like to post to the CSTCA website, let us know! Home businesses and Self-Employed, advertise in our newsletter to reach a wider audience. Contact information is listed on the back of this newsletter.

In This Issue

  • President’s Message
  • Community News Update
  • COPs Report—A6 Crime Stats
  • October Meeting Highlights
  • WSSC / HomeServe
  • HomeServe FAQ
  • December Membership Meeting Announcement
  • Got A Question?

CSTCA Newsletter – December 2017