Proposed Elimination of R3 Bus Service

On September 14, I submitted the attached letter as testimony for the public hearing scheduled for Thu Sept 17.

The comment period for B15-03, regarding Proposed Metrobus Service and Tariff Changes, is open until 5 p.m. on Wednesday, September 23, 2015.


CSTCA R3 Letter

At the August 22 CSTCA meeting it was brought to the Board’s attention the proposed elimination of the R3 bus service. To follow up I contacted WMATA to confirm. In the forwarded message are details about this proposed action and a link to a notice about a public hearing.

The CSTCA Board will write a letter protesting this action and encourage individuals to submit customer feedback at or via the email address included below.


Dear Mr. Hull:

Thank you for your email to the Board of Directors about R3 Metrobus service changes and related public hearings.

The R3 bus route is being considered for elimination, and details can be found on page 25 of the document posted at the link below:

When we recommend a bus service change, we solicit public comment through a public participation process. I encourage you to attend one of the scheduled community meetings and provide your feedback. We will also hold a special public hearing meeting at Metro headquarters in downtown Washington on September 17. The meeting schedule can be found at the link below:

Once the public outreach process is concluded, the board will consider all customer feedback before acting on each recommendation. If you cannot attend a meeting, you can respond to an online survey found at the link below:

Alternatively, you may submit your comments via email to the following address:

Metro¿s goal is always to serve the greatest number of customers with limited resources and constrained capacity. Customer feedback is critical to achieving this goal, and I hope you will take the time to go ¿on record¿ and officially provide your feedback about the proposed changes to the R3.


James Hamre
Office of Bus Planning


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