Sample Letter of Opposition to the Purple Line

As discussed at the last CSTCA meeting, please see below a sample letter of opposition to the Purple Line project prepared by Nancy Santiago. Should you agree with the sentiments expressed, please feel free to copy, edit, and send to Gov Hogan at

Hogan Transition Team Email:

Subject: Opposition to the Purple Line Project

I write in to express strong opposition of the Purple Line and its high expenditure to Maryland’s economy. This project will worsen the conditions of the current roads and contribute to increase traffic congestion within the region. There are many other reasons this project needs to be halted and the funds redirected to a more desirable project. Improving the existing roads and bridges for Marylanders’ is just one of them. The millions in expenditure allocated to this project will contribute to already higher deficits and higher taxes on the citizens. During your campaign you spoke often about the many taxes imposed on us and this project is an example of wasted tax dollars that will add to the budget deficits. Also the logistics involved in this project will add more congestion and burdens to the region. There are many other reasons this project is a bad idea for Marylanders’ and below I list a few.

• The planners of the Purple Line have been less than clear on the realistic cost and vague on details on the cost to the general public from the onset. It appears to be a smoke-and-mirror scenario.

• This area has already undergone through a ridiculous amount of reconfiguration of traffic lanes and bike lanes. The amount of time required to reach your destination has increased two – three fold within the past few years.

• To plan a light rail that rips through the middle of University Boulevard (Maryland 193), a very congested road, is irresponsible and unsafe for both the pedestrians and drivers. Pedestrians’ safety has been an ongoing problem with some deaths from pedestrians walking into traffic against the traffic signals. The roads in this region have already been modified with a significant amount of safety improvements such as; installation of cement dividers, fencing and bike lanes within the past few years at the cost of millions. Some of those safety measures will need to be ripped out if the Purple Line project moves forward and millions of dollars are wasted. Most of the development for this light rail will expose pedestrians and drivers to increase accidents.

• The existing mass transit in this region — Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties already have a vast network of mass transit and often runs at significant lower capacity. The buses all connect to existing Metro stations. There are several existing Metro stations all throughout the region which are also underutilized.

• The ICC like this Purple Line project is a perfect example of another poorly planned project where our tax dollars were wasted. The cost of the ICC represents exurbanite tax expenditure many Marylanders’ were opposed to and it was pushed upon us. The travel on the ICC is dismal and underutilized due to the high tolls and other reasons. Meanwhile the existing roads and bridges are in need of maintenance and repairs.

• The Purple Line will continue to add to increase the budget deficit with more cost over runs. The projected cost are understated and planning questionable. We cannot allow the Purple Line project to evolve into another disastrous project for the region and its citizens.

Please do not move forward with this project for the reasons mentioned above and more. We cannot afford to continue to fund undesirable projects. We need to use our common sense and stop the waste and madness!

Thank you for your consideration with this very important issue.



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