Adelphi Elementary School – Recognized by State for Student Achievement


Exciting News in School Board District 3!!!

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Adelphi Elementry Achieves Success

UPPER MARLBORO, MD – Two Prince George’s County public schools – Adelphi Elementary School and Lewisdale Elementary School – were recently named “Title I Superlative Highest Performing Reward Schoolby the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Dr. Lillian M. Lowery, State Superintendent of Schools, visited both sites on January 28 to recognize students and staff for their efforts and present them with commemorative banners.

Adelphi and Lewisdale join four other PGCPS Title I elementary schools to be recognized for student achievement based on results of the 2012 MSA. Concord, Robert Frost and Seat Pleasant received the same recognition, and Robert R. Gray received the Reward School High Progress Award. The six PGCPS schools join 24 across Maryland to be recognized in the 2012-2013 Reward School program.

“Today we are recognizing the great leadership of principals, teachers, parents, and school district staff for their support of students and the phenomenal work they have done in closing the achievement gap,” said Dr. Lowery. “But most of all, we are recognizing students for working really hard and accomplishing a lot.”

Dr. Lowery was joined by Amber Waller, District 3 Board of Education Member; Dr. Alvin L. Crawley, Interim Superintendent of Schools; Adelphi principal Jane Ennis and Lewisdale principal Patricia Belgrave.

“During our visit to both schools, we saw students engaged in learning, teachers facilitating learning and supporting students in their achievement, and enthusiastic staff who are very focused on making sure our students get the support they need,” said Dr. Crawley, “I congratulate these schools for their achievements – we know there are many, many other schools in our county who are demonstrating similar accomplishments, and we look forward to telling their story.”

A Title I Superlative Highest Performing Reward School has met progress targets for two consecutive years with an achievement gap between “all students” and any lower performing subgroup at or below 10%. In addition, the school has a student population of 50% economically disadvantaged students, and is in the top 10% of Title I schools showing the most improvement on the Maryland School Assessments (MSAs) between 2007-2011, and made a gain of at least 18 percentage points for “all students.”

For more information on 2012-2013 Reward Schools, visit the MSDE website by clicking here. To view a photo gallery of the Lewisdale Elementary School award presentation, click here.

Amber Waller

Board Member District 3