Bradford Pear Replacement Project

The Prince Georges County Bradford Pear Pilot Replacement Program supported by the Department of Public Works and Transportation which funds the
program addresses the dead, dying and high-risk Bradford Pears around the
county.  We will be removing such trees and replacing them with more
suitable species that do not have the weak branches which fall in storms and
cause damage to property.

CSTCA voted to participate in this program and work is scheduled to begin during the fall of 2012!!!

Your community will participate in this county program that aims to address safety, aesthetics and environmental issues.  The program will not raise taxes, it has already been funded for 2012. Citizens are key to the program success because we rely on their input regarding removals and installations.

Bradford Pear Poster – 2012

UPDATE: 11/6/12 – Information From the Bradford Pear Project Team

Planting will begin shortly after removals as long as the ground isn’t frozen. I have a list of shade and ornamental trees to work from for replacements. I don’t decide what to plant until I revisit each street on foot, try to get an idea of what the community would want and what makes sense for the street (existing trees, overhead utilities).

 Here are some of the choices:

 Shade – Red Maple, Little Leaf Linden, Zelkova, Princeton Elm, Fruitless Sweetgum, London Plane, Willow Oak, Nuttal Oak, Thornless Honey Locust

 Ornamental – Serviceberry, Redbud, Tree Lilac, Cherries (Okame, Yoshino, Autumnalis), Hedge Maple, Crape Myrtle

UPDATE: 1/7/13 – Information From the Bradford Pear Project Team

Cool Spring Terrace is scheduled to be planted
around the 3rd week of January (weather permitting). The following are two image boards showing the shade and ornamental species we use for

Ornamental Tree Board Shade Tree Board

UPDATE: 11/6/12 – Information From the Bradford Pear Project Team








UPDATE: 1/20/13 –  Over 20 Red Maples have been planted along Curry Drive!!!

DSC_0285 DSC_0286 DSC_0289 DSC_0290 DSC_0291


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