Bradford Pear Replacement Project

The Prince Georges County Bradford Pear Pilot Replacement Program supported by the Department of Public Works and Transportation which funds the
program addresses the dead, dying and high-risk Bradford Pears around the
county.  We will be removing such trees and replacing them with more
suitable species that do not have the weak branches which fall in storms and
cause damage to property.

CSTCA voted to participate in this program and work is scheduled to begin during the fall of 2012!!!

Your community will participate in this county program that aims to address safety, aesthetics and environmental issues.  The program will not raise taxes, it has already been funded for 2012. Citizens are key to the program success because we rely on their input regarding removals and installations.

Bradford Pear Poster – 2012

UPDATE: 11/6/12 – Information From the Bradford Pear Project Team

Planting will begin shortly after removals as long as the ground isn’t frozen. I have a list of shade and ornamental trees to work from for replacements. I don’t decide what to plant until I revisit each street on foot, try to get an idea of what the community would want and what makes sense for the street (existing trees, overhead utilities).

 Here are some of the choices:

 Shade – Red Maple, Little Leaf Linden, Zelkova, Princeton Elm, Fruitless Sweetgum, London Plane, Willow Oak, Nuttal Oak, Thornless Honey Locust

 Ornamental – Serviceberry, Redbud, Tree Lilac, Cherries (Okame, Yoshino, Autumnalis), Hedge Maple, Crape Myrtle

UPDATE: 1/7/13 – Information From the Bradford Pear Project Team

Cool Spring Terrace is scheduled to be planted
around the 3rd week of January (weather permitting). The following are two image boards showing the shade and ornamental species we use for

Ornamental Tree Board Shade Tree Board

UPDATE: 11/6/12 – Information From the Bradford Pear Project Team








UPDATE: 1/20/13 –  Over 20 Red Maples have been planted along Curry Drive!!!

DSC_0285 DSC_0286 DSC_0289 DSC_0290 DSC_0291

PG County Noise Control Policy

If you have a noise compliant, you should call the Police Department using 911 if it is an emergency or the non-emergency number (301.352.1200) if it is not an emergency. You can also call 311 if it is a non-police matter i.e., mattresses dumped or another Quality of Life issue.

Whatever number you call, they ask that the caller carefully and specifically describe the noise problem; giving what kind of noise, where, when, size of noise problem, urgency, how long has it been a problem etc.

P.G. District 1 Police Force also indicated that the caller could call the Police Dispatcher at 911 to find out if the call had been responded to.


Sec. 19-120.  Declaration of Policy.

The County Council for Prince
George’s County, Maryland, hereby declares it to be the public policy of the
County that every resident of the County is entitled to noise levels that are
not detrimental to health, safety, or welfare and the use, enjoyment and
protection of property; and the general intent of this Division is to control
noise levels throughout the County so as to promote public health, safety,
welfare, the peace and quiet of the inhabitants of the County.


Sec. 19-121.  Definitions.

(a)    For the purposes
of this Division, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings
respectively ascribed to them in this Section:

(1)      Noise shall mean noise related to
human activity including noise produced vocally, with a radio receiving set,
musical instrument, phonograph or any other device or by a machine, tool or
other equipment which produces, reproduces or amplifies any sound or noise
which is continuous in nature and audible more than fifty (50) feet from the
source of the sound or noise in the public right of way or an adjacent

(2)      Department shall mean the Department
of Environmental Resources or another authorized designee agency or department.

(3)      Landlord shall mean the person who
manages, leases, holds, or otherwise controls the property of an owner.

(4)      Director shall mean the Director of
the Department of Environmental Resources for Prince George’s County, Maryland,
or their authorized designee.

(5)      Owner shall mean the person listed on
the tax records of the county as the property owner.

(6)      Police Chief or officer shall mean
the Chief of the Prince George’s County Police Department, a sworn member of
the Prince George’s County Police Department, or their authorized designee.

(7)      Residential area is an area located
within a residential zone listed in Section 27-109(a)(1) of this Code,
including residential areas abutting mixed-use, commercial and industrial areas
as defined in Subtitle 27.

(8)      Recreational or Entertainment
Establishment is an establishment as defined in Section 27-107.1(a)(192) of
this Code.


Sec. 19-122.  Prohibition.

A person may not create noise or
allow noise to be created that disturbs the peace, quiet, and comfort of a
residential area and includes residences in all areas,


Sec. 19-123.  Exceptions.

The following noise generating
activities shall be exempt from enforcement under this Division:

(a)      any sound resulting from the
emergency operation of a public service company as defined in Section 1-101(x),
Public Utilities Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland;

(b)     any sound resulting from the
operations of an instrumentality of the Federal, State, or County government,
the Board of Education, a bicounty agency, or of a municipality;

(c)      a sound resulting from the operation
of an aircraft.

(d)     on private property for which a
valid use and occupancy permit has been issued for purposes of sporting,
recreational, entertainment establishment, or for any other event to which the
public is invited; or

(e)     an event or activity with a
validly issued permit, license or other written authority which takes place on
property owned by the United States, the State, the County, the Board of
Education, a bicounty agency, or a municipality.

(f)      farm equipment being used on more
than five (5) acres or outside of one hundred (100) feet of the property line.

(g)      lawn care, snow removal equipment and
other household tools or equipment when used and maintained in accordance with
the manufacturer’s specifications between the hours of 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Sec. 19-124.  Enforcement and penalties.

(a)    Any person, who
after instructed to cease the noise, shall allow or cause a continued violation
of this Section shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject
to a fine not exceeding $500 for a first offense, and $1,000 for each
subsequent offense or imprisonment not exceeding thirty (30) days, or both such
fine and imprisonment.

(b) As an alternative to criminal
action, the Director, Police Chief or police officer may issue a civil citation
for any violation of this Section not exceeding $500 for a first offense, and $1,000
for each subsequent offense.


Sec. 19-125.  Civil citation to owner or landlord.

(a)    The Director,
Chief of Police, police officer or a designee may issue a civil citation to the
owner or landlord of the building or premises from which noise in violation of
Section 19-122 of this title emanates, if more than three civil citations have
been filed against an occupant, at one address, within a 60-day period.

(b)   The
Director, Chief of Police, police officer or a designee may issue additional
civil citations for each subsequent violation within 6 months after the initial
citation of the owner or landlord.

(c)    Before issuing a
citation, the Director , Chief of Police, police officer or a designee shall
send by certified mail or deliver written notice to the owner or landlord that
three citations have been filed under Section 19-122 of this title within a 60
day period.


Missing Dog – Odis (October 2012)

Please keep an eye out for a one of our neighbor’s dog who went missing yesterday (Sunday) from the Cool Spring Road/Cool Spring Lane area of the neighborhood.  His name is Otis.  Otis is very small, fluffy, light tan/almost white, and very friendly.  He has tags with his name and phone number on it.

Please call: (240) 723-1156 or (240) 602-0178 if seen or found.

CSTCA Suspicious Activity and Crime Blog

Please feel free to comment on this Post with any suspicious activity or crime in the community that you’ve reported so the CSTCA Board can work with our law enforcement partners to increase patrols, etc. as the need warrants.


Emergency: 911

Police (non-emergency): 301-352-1200

Park Police (emergency): 301-459-3232

Park Police (non-emergency): 301-459-9088

Animal Control: 301-780-7241 or 7242

Adelphi Mill Playground Renovation – Fall 2012

For the past year the CSTCA Board and other community leaders have been working with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission to get the playground equipment at the Adelphi Mill replaced and the entire area spruced up.

I’m pleased to inform our community that construction has begun and the plan is to have the new equipment installed and ready for our children sometime around Thanksgiving give or take a few weeks.

Provided by Isaac Sparks, Sparks @ Play

New Adelphi Mill Playground Design

As a side note, the entire Adelphi Mill area will be undergoing a complete renovation in the next couple of years!!!

UPDATE: 10/21/2012 – Construction is definitely underway and the new equipment appears to be mostly installed and looks excellent!!!






UPDATE: 11/3/2012 – The New Playgroud Equipment is installed and ready for action!!!  It looks awesome and truely fits with the history of the Adelphi Mill.